SmartCare Remote Management
Explore the SmartCare Remote Medical Equipment Management Software from Hillrom. This software provides consistent and timely management of connected healthcare devices.
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SmartCare Remote Management

Take Control of Your Connected Devices with our Remote Medical Equipment Management Software.

SmartCare Remote Management allows for consistent and timely management of connected devices across your network, so you can ensure your fleet is functioning at its finest. Take control of the health and well-being of your connected equipment from a single, remote location with our medical equipment management software.



You’re on the front lines of protecting your facility’s significant investment in technology that supports those on the front lines of care. The tools you use for medical device management should be every bit as advanced.

SmartCare Remote Management frees you and your team from manually tracking down and addressing each asset one at a time. No more going from bed-to-bed or device-to-device for firmware updates. Take control of the health and well-being of your connected fleet by proactively managing it from a single, remote location.

Efficient, secure, scalable — you’re in control with all the relevant status details delivered directly to you. Best of all, you get peace of mind knowing your connected fleet is up to date, working properly and ready to support your care teams.

Take control with SmartCare Remote Management and discover:

  • A simple way to access and use tools that put you in control of medical device asset management.
  • A healthcare asset tracking software that is secure, cloud-based, and scalable for your needs.
  • How to gain valuable time back for biomedical engineering and IT teams by reducing the need to physically touch each device to deploy updates.
  • How to consistently manage devices in a timely manner with immediate remote access.
  • Easy access to up-to-date details on deployed assets for information on firmware, configurations, etc.
  • New ways to address evolving clinical needs more quickly.
  • The benefits of proactive maintenance schedules and planning so you can ensure devices are maintained appropriately.
  • How simple it can be to locate products throughout facilities.
  • How to enhance platform security and streamline user-experience with Single Sign-On (SSO) capability. 
A biomedical engineer remotely manages connected devices from his office.

Connected and Compliant

Security is essential. That’s why multiple checkpoints ensure your data is safe and protected at all times with our secure, cloud-based system that never interacts with patient health information or personally identifiable information.

A service technician uses remote management to check maintenance needs on a Hillrom Smart+ Bed.

Protect Your Investment

Time is money — whether it’s ensuring your devices are fixed correctly the first time or improving preventive maintenance planning. SmartCare Remote Management can help you remotely maintain control of your assets, while freeing up time to focus on more pressing repairs or urgent matters.

Two hospital biomeds use SmartCare™ Remote Management to manage the various assets across their facilities.

Service That Scales

Whether you’re managing connected devices in one facility, or fifty, we can help. Gain new control and access to your equipment, including near real-time details on deployed assets — like firmware — and other important configurations.

Discover the Power of Remote Control

Take control of the health and well-being of your connected solutions by proactively managing them from a single, remote location with SmartCare Remote Management.

Service That Scales

Connected & Compliant

Caring for Connected Assets

Reports At Your Fingertips

Remaining One Step Ahead

Streamline Troubleshooting


Education & Documentation

Get in the know to get the most value out of your solution.

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Evidence & Outcomes

It’s Time to Contain the Chaos

Your world is getting a little more complicated each day — but we’re here to help.

An icon represents the time saved with the device location tracking functionality from SmartCare™ Remote Management.

20 – 30 MINS SAVED

Per device on location tracking**

An icon represents the time saved on log file retrieval with SmartCare™ Remote Management.


Per device on log file retrieval**

Icon representing a bed or device alert


Per device with advanced troubleshooting**

An icon represents the time saved on firmware upgrades with SmartCare™ Remote Management.


Per device on firmware upgrades**

An icon represents the time saved deploying configuration files with SmartCare™ Remote Management.


Per device deploying configuration files**

Discover how SmartCare Remote Management can help you save time and take control of asset management. 

Experience Peace of Mind with Proactive Services

Let Hillrom help minimize interruptions to patient care and unexpected costs caused by equipment that is out for repair or maintenance. Learn more about our service offerings today.

* Features may vary per device and device limitations may limit certain functionality. Contact your Hillrom representative to learn more.
** Estimated time savings. Actual time may vary based on the facility size and number of devices. Not all features are available for each device; contact your Hillrom representative to learn more.
*** Available in 2022. Contact your Hillrom representative to learn more.