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Connection is Vital.

See how Voalte Nurse Call connects caregivers to patients, empowering them to keep patients safe and satisfied while improving the patient experience with better response times.

67% Reduce Falls

67% reduction in falls using Voalte Status Board 1

A 200+ bed facility with Voalte Nurse Call and Staff Board

29% Increase in HCAHPS

29% increase in HCAHPS scores for staff responsiveness2

A 300+ bed facility with Voalte  Nurse Call and Staff Locating

Save 19% on Steps

19% decrease in average caregiver distance3

A 500+ bed facility with Voalte Nurse Call, Voalte Mobile, and Staff Locating

60% Increase in time with patients

60% increase in time with patients4

250+ bed facility with Voalte Nurse Call and Staff Locating



In a hospital, connection isn’t just important, it’s vital. VOALTE Nurse Call provides a lifeline connecting caregivers to their patient and empowers them to improve patient safety and enhance the patient experience while driving caregiver safety and satisfaction.

Easily access detailed patient needs and act on them quickly to provide an improved patient experience. Simplify and automate workflow to keep patients safe. Lighten the mental load for your caregivers and put them back at the bedside.

When you choose Voalte Nurse Call, you are investing in more than a hospital call bell system. You are investing in a secure, reliable platform that supports your unique requirements and will grow with you—at your pace of change.

Nurse checking a patients hearbeat

Keep Patients Safe

  • Automate rounding reminders to proactively address patient needs
  • Activate safety protocol monitoring and alert caregivers to an unsafe state
  • View patient risk status and safety state on a real-time dashboard
Patient using Voalte Platform to communicate with careteam

Prioritize Patient Satisfaction

  • Send patient calls directly to the appropriate caregivers so they can respond faster
  • Include more detail in patient requests so they get what they need the first time
  • Automate reminders to meet patients' need before they ask

Nurse on Voalte phone

Drive Caregiver Safety and Satisfaction

  • Direct communications between staff
  • Automate reminders
  • Presence-based, automatic call completion
  • Ready access to one-touch staff duress alerting

Connect to Existing Systems and Ease Administration

  • Open, scalable platform accommodates your needs today, and in the future
  • Customizable system configuration meets specific facility requirements and clinical workflows
  • Flexible network design options fit into hospital infrastructure and maintain system reliability
  • Integrations to existing systems, such as your EMR, are established using industry-standard protocols with security in mind 
Nurse and Doctor communicating through Voalte Platform

“VOALTE Nurse Call and the VOALTE communications platform have had a significant impact on the care and safety of our patients. This integration provides the caregiver with an immediate notification of patient calls, the call type and location. This is essential… and directly improves response times to those calls.”

— John Hosler, Senior Clinical Systems Support Analyst, Trinity Health Information Services


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VOALTE Impact on the Current Nursing Shortage

Hear how Joel Ray, CNO & VP of Patient Care Services, from UNC REX Healthcare explains the impact of the nursing shortage and how his team utilizes care communications technology and Voalte Nurse Call to ease the burden on frontline care givers.


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Planning for Success in Construction Projects

Choosing the right Nurse Call System is an important part of any healthcare construction project. Our team is well versed in helping construction, architecture and planning teams select the right solutions for each unique implementation. Learn more about our dedicated Construction Solutions team and how they can help you build a smarter future for your patients and care teams.

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Construction planners or architects review plans for a hospital construction project

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Meet the Voalte Platform, one unified care communications platform from Hillrom. Watch now to learn more about the Voalte Platform.


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VOALTE Nurse Call Brochure
VOALTE Nurse Call Brochure
Hillrom Care Communications Brochure
Hillrom Care Communications Brochure
Patel Interview - Nurse Call
Q&A with Donny Patel, Chief of Innovations & Platforms



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