More Challenges, Less Time For Patient Care

Every second counts for healthcare professionals – you must be able to communicate and collaborate quickly and effectively to provide optimal patient care.


Unreliable communication systems can lead to delayed responses, miscommunication, and even medical errors1


Disparate data sources can contribute to care teams not getting the information they need, when they need it to inform patient care2


Secure web application with no patient data left on the device.


Any one of these challenges can delay patient care and compromise patient safety. What if there was a complete mobile solution to relieve these communication challenges?

VOALTE Mobile enables hospitals to transform your communication systems and empower your clinicians with simplified care coordination, so they can spend more time with their patients.


Simplify Communication and Workflow

Enable clinical teams to quickly, discretely, and accurately communicate via messaging, file and image sharing, and access critical patient data from their smart phones.

Find the Right Team Members at the Right Time

Reach clinicians with a dynamic directory that supports self-assignments and integration with on-call scheduling. Search by title, unit, patients, and more.

Monitor patient vitals on-the-go

View patient waveforms, vitals, and clinical alarms from patient monitoring devices to your phone or desktop.

Intelligent Alerting

Help promote a quiet environment by routing alerts to the right caregiver or care team with robust roles and staff assignments.

Send Text Messages Easily

Provide clinical teams with a secure, HIPAA-compliant texting platform that brings real-time communication and collaboration to their fingertips.

Easy Setup

An intuitive user interface and customizable settings make it easy for care teams to use, reducing training time and minimizing disruption to patient care.

Successful implementation of VOALTE Mobile resulted more than a 20% increase in interprofessional bedside rounding4

Streamline patient care without proprietary hardware, like the smartbadge

Voalte Mobile offers a flexible "choose your device" model, allowing clinicians to use their own devices or hospital-provided smartphones and tablets, without being tied to a proprietary hardware or badge. Additionally, Voalte Mobile can connect with your other patient care tools so you can see patient status and make care decisions from the palm of your hand.

The conduit for collaboration


Choose Your Own Device


Unified Platform


Seamless Integrations


Vendor Consolidation

The future of digital health is streamlined care

Voalte Mobile allows you to connect care teams inside and outside of the hospital, to help avoid communication breakdowns and facilitate care coordination with the ability to send alerts from Hillrom smart beds and vital signs monitors.

Only Voalte Mobile can advance collaboration by enabling clinicians to send alerts from Hillrom smart beds and vital signs monitors on a single, secure, and HIPAA-compliant texting platform.


“It is so nice to pick up the phone and always reach the doctor or teammates on the unit. Most importantly, the platform has eliminated confusion and delays and aids in safe, timely, and efficient care to our patients!”

— Lauren Gillespie, BSN, CaroMont Nurse Manager

Healthcare leaders and clinicians should be able to focus on patient care, not figuring out how to communicate about patient care.

VOALTE Mobile Caromont Case Study

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Take the next step toward the future of digital health with VOALTE Mobile.

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