A patient sits comfortably in a CENTRELLA Smart+ bed in a hospital med-surg unit.

Elevating Care for Patients and Care Teams

Replace your aging Hillrom Centrella Smart+ Bed surfaces to protect your patients’ skin.



Standardize on Hillrom Centrella Smart+ Beds to help elevate care for every patient, every time.

Take a Consistently Elevated Approach to Patient Care in Med-Surg

Med-surg is unique. With a wide range of patient acuities and high patient-to-nurse ratios, its challenges are unique, too. Are all your beds helping you address them?

You chose the Hillrom Centrella Smart+ Bed to act as an extension of your care team — helping you face your challenges and treat your patients with confidence. Now let us help you expand that value to every patient and clinician in your unit. Read on to explore the benefits of standardizing your med-surg unit on Centrella beds — so you can elevate care for every patient, every time.

Connection is Essential. Cables? Not Anymore.

Are unplugged, broken or missing nurse call cables creating a barrier between your patients and care teams? Your Centrella Smart+ Beds now connect to the Hillrom ReadyConnect System — a reliable, wireless connection between your Centrella Smart+ Beds and nurse call system. This simple-to-use device helps keep patients safe and satisfied by sending nurse calls, room controls, bed alerts and other bed-generated data to the nurse call system — no cables required.

  • Identify trends and challenges
  • Simplify reporting for leadership and/or quality metrics
  • Proactively support patient and clinician needs



A CENTRELLA bed is plugged into a READYCONNECT device on a wall
A clinician checks on her patient lying in a CENTRELLA bed

Address Clinical Burden

Help your busy nurses work efficiently so they can devote more energy to their true passion — patient care. Standardizing on Centrella Smart+ Beds can help improve your workflow efficiency in multiple ways:

Close-up view of clinician controls on the outside of the CENTRELLA bed’s side rail

Reduce Training Needs

with a consistent user experience across all med-surg beds

CENTRELLA display screen shows three-mode bed exit alarm

Count on Automation That Supports You

with automated bed exit silence and auto-resets (that work even if someone forgets)

A CENTRELLA bed projects illuminated SAFEVIEW icons onto the floor

Assess Patients Needs at a Glance

with SafeView+ illuminated alerts, removing steps from your workflow

A clinician reviews an alert on her smartphone

Stay Up to Date, Wherever Your Shift Takes You

with nurse call integration sending timely patient and bed updates to a status board and/or your mobile device

A patient smiles and taps a button on the CENTRELLA bed EXPERIENCE POD device

Support Patient Safety and Satisfaction

Med-surg patients spend more time in bed than anywhere else during their stays. So we designed the Centrella bed to help keep them safe and comfortable while they’re under your care.

A clinician holds up her hand, alerting a patient not to get out of bed without assistance

Help Avoid Patient Falls

with bed exit alerts, clear visual indications of potential patient fall risks, verbal safety prompts and more

A CENTRELLA max surface is unzipped, showing the interior components

Help Prevent Hospital-Acquired Pressure Injuries

with therapeutic surfaces and positioning support to prevent sliding, simplify turns and more

A clinician taps the CENTRELLA control screen displaying heart respiratory rate

Help Detect Signs of Patient Deterioration

with contact-free, continuous heart and respiratory rate monitoring

A patient taps the CENTRELLA bed patient pendant to place a request

Keep Them Comfortable and Connected

with simple bed controls, efficient communication with care teams and easy access to personal device storage and charging

Dig Deeper

Standardizing your beds across med-surg is a big decision. Download our Buyer’s Guide for more advice on finding the right beds for your unit.

ECG Data Across the IDN: How Clinics Fit In Whitepaper thumbnail

Innovation in Action

Watch, as one hospital in New Jersey takes you on a journey into a day in the life of one of their care teams where they discuss innovative solutions and techniques, they use to ensure that patients receive the best possible care.


Standardize on Excellence with the Hillrom Centrella Smart+ Bed

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