Excel Medical Device Integration (MDI)
Use connected medical device middleware to leverage predictive analytics and store telemetry, physiological and cardiac monitoring data across all devices.
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Excel Medical Device Integration (MDI)

Meet our vendor-agnostic enterprise platform for cardiac monitoring and other physiological data from a variety of connected medical devices.


Hospitals can get bogged down by complex connected medical devices that require a vast array of hardware, software and maintenance agreements. Even traditional EHR data integration techniques fall short without a unified platform to compile and present vital information. The Excel Medical telemetry monitoring software solution is a vendor-agnostic, comprehensive data acquisition and storage platform for cardiac monitoring systems and medical devices. This medical device integration software supports indefinite storage, disparate device systems and near-real-time physiological data (waveforms).



 Excel Medical Device Integration Overview

The Excel Medical Device Integration platform can help to simplify EHR data integration by providing a single, vendor-agnostic platform capable of acquisition, centralized telemetry monitoring, permanent storage and distribution of clinical data — both from connected medical devices like bedside monitors and ancillary third-party devices.

With cloud-connected medical device software, you can the full range of patient physiological data, including waveforms which provide deep clinical insight. The Excel Medical Device Integration solution from Hillrom enables providers to spend more time focusing on patients and less time chasing down information or engaging in manual tasks.

Leverage the Power of Your Medical Device Connectivity

  • A single, enterprise platform that provides hospitals with unlimited storage to support clinical applications and workflows.
  • Uniquely supports both GE and Philips patient monitoring systems.
  • Allows for integration freedom from cardiac monitoring vendors with agnostic data platform approach.

The Physiological Data Collection You Need — When You Need It

  • Delivers real-time telemetry and physiological data content (waveforms, vitals, clinical alarms) into Epic clinical workflows through integration with Epic’s desktop and mobile applications.
  • Can help enhance EHR data integration for a holistic treatment experience.
  • Clinicians can access real-time clinical alarm analytics via Epic to help hospitals manage clinical alarm risk across medical devices.
  • Save money, time and resources trough vendor reduction and operational efficiencies.
  • Reduces the costs and number of maintenance agreements and integrations with several different vendors.
  • Supports a higher quality of patient care, long-term adaptability and predictive analytics in healthcare.

Agnostic technology solution

Unique enterprise-wide vendor agnostic medical device integration solution

Physiological Data Acquisition and Distribution

Acquisition, permanent storage, and distribution of physiological dataconnected medical devices like bedside monitors and ancillary third-party devices 

Data Access to providers

Full range of patient physiological data, including waveform acquisition with unlimited storage

Proactive Patient Care

Near-real time clinical data, alarms and vital sign analytics, retrospective data and predictive algorithms  

Automate Telemetry Monitoring

Automated telemetry workflow can connect critical patient data to the entire care team’s workflow to help accelerate intervention, can help enhance EHR data integration, and support patient outcomes and the overall care team experience.

Compare the Difference


Excel Medical Device Integration with the Epic EMR

The purpose of patient data is to effectively get it in the hands of clinicians to make better care decisions. The Excel Medical Device Integration Solution works within Epic’s desktop and mobile applications to:

  • Capable of acquiring 100% of available patient data from GE CARESCAPE and Philips IntelliVue patient monitoring systems and other third-party medical devices.
  • Manage the flow of vital signs
  • Integrates discrete alarms
  • Acquire cardiac strips (images)
  • Contextualize patient data

Excel Medical Device Integration with Epic Desktop

Users in Epic Desktop benefit from using Hillrom’s Excel Medical Device Integration Solution to:

  • Integrate vital signs into flowsheets
  • Digitize cardiac monitoring reports
  • Provide near real-time surveillance, while allowing providers to visualize patients' physiological data
  • Support workflows for digitization of cardiac monitoring strips and reports in cardiac telemetry monitoring, critical care, and emergency care
Physician smiles while reviewing patient data on a desktop computer monitor
care team, physician holding smartphone, caregiver holding coffee cup

Excel Medical Device Integration with Epic Mobile Applications

Users in Epic Mobile Applications benefit from using Hillrom’s Excel Medical Device Integration to: 

  • Access near real-time surveillance and visualization of patient physiological data, vital signs, alarm trends and cardiac strips across and predictive analytics on their mobile smartphone devices and clinical communication platforms. 


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