Voalte Nurse Call
The Voalte Nurse Call System for hospitals sends patient notifications to your team, promoting proactive care and patient safety.
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Voalte® Nurse Call

Nurse call systems provide a vital lifeline between patients and caregivers.


For busy caregivers, responding to a barrage of incoming needs can be a challenge, and addressing them proactively can feel impossible. Focus on what matters most – your patients’ safety and satisfaction with Voalte® Nurse Call.


 Part of Hillrom’s  Voalte® Platform.

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Connection is Vital. Nurse Call Systems Can Help.

Watch how Voalte Nurse Call connects caregivers to patients, empowering them to keep patients safe and satisfied while improving the patient experience with better response times.



29% increase in HCAHPS scores for staff responsiveness1

A 300+ bed facility with Voalte Nurse Call and Staff Locating

Reduce Falls

67% reduction in falls using Voalte® Status Board 2

A 200+ bed facility with Voalte Nurse Call and Status Board

Save steps

19% decrease in average caregiver distance traveled3

A 500+ bed facility with Voalte Nurse Call, Voalte Mobile, and Staff Locating

At the bedside

60% increase in time with patients4

250+ bed facility with Voalte Nurse Call and Staff Locating


Nurse Call Overview

In the hospital, communication between patients and caregivers is not just important — it’s vital. Voalte Nurse Call from Hillrom acts as a lifeline, providing a secure, reliable platform that scales across your health system.

The Voalte Nurse Call system works as a hospital call bell system that sends detailed patient notifications directly to your team, so they can provide quality care, faster. Automating your care environment — together with corresponding awareness of your patients’ needs — promotes a quiet environment, and can help your team deliver proactive care to keep patients safe.

With nurse call technology, system administrators benefit from centralized call button system and better serviceability, which help to lower operating costs and maximize your technology investment. Your team will enjoy a consistent interface on the Voalte Nurse Call system’s staff station and patient room station consoles, even when they float between facilities. And we can right-size the system for your needs with standards-based integrations, flexible room designs and customizable system configurations.

Move Beyond Nurse Call Buttons and Lights for a Better Patient Experience

Nurse adjusting patients oxygen tube in med-surg bed

Keep Patients Safe

  • Automate rounding reminders to proactively address patient needs
  • Activate safety protocol monitoring with alarms for nurses and other caregivers
  • View patient risk status and safety state on a real-time dashboard

Prioritize Patient Satisfaction

  • When patients call for nurses, send them directly to the appropriate caregivers so they can respond faster
  • Include more detail in patient requests so they get what they need the first time
  • Automate reminders to meet patients' need before they ask
Nurse with a happy patient as she fulfils his request that she received via Voalte® Nurse Call
Nurse adjusting patients oxygen tube in med-surg bed

Drive Caregiver Safety and Satisfaction

  • Direct communications between staff
  • Automate reminders
  • Benefit from presence-based, automatic call completion
  • Get ready access to one-touch staff duress alerting

Connect to Existing Systems and Ease Administration

  • Have your needs met today and in the future with an open, scalable nurse call platform
  • Customize your system configuration to meet specific facility requirements and clinical workflows
  • Maintain system reliability and fit into your hospital infrastructure with flexible network design options
  • Integrate with your existing systems, such as your EMR, using industry-standard protocols with security in mind 
Two nurses, both looking at requests on their iPhone via Voalte Mobile App

“Voalte Nurse Call and the Voalte communications platform have had a significant impact on the care and safety of our patients. This integration provides the caregiver with an immediate notification of patient calls, the call type and location. This is essential… and directly improves response times to those calls.”

— John Hosler, Senior Clinical Systems Support Analyst, Trinity Health Information Services

Voalte Nurse Call: Part of the Unified Voalte Clinical Communications Platform

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Get to Know the Voalte Clinical Communications Platform

Meet the unified Voalte Platform from Hillrom. This short video gives an overview of the complete clinical communication solution.

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Join Our Care Communications Journey

Imagine a world where patients in the hospital are protected by an ecosystem of connected technologies. Watch how Hillrom is bringing that vision for medical communication to life.

Nurse using the Voalte® Nurse Call Patient Station in the patient room ""

Voalte Nurse Call Enhanced Clinical Applications

Care Teams Depend on Actionable Information and Efficient Collaboration to Respond to Their Patients’ Needs

Voalte Nurse Call combines advanced features with unique software applications to offer your staff workflow automation, easy collaboration and access to specific patient needs.

Get Proactive

49% reduction in average call volume1

Speed response

2 minutes or less, sustained response time2

Reduce falls

62% average reduction with Voalte Patient Safety3

See How Technology Advances the Healthcare Ecosystem


So Much More Than a Hospital Call Light

How can Voalte Nurse Call transform your workflows and patient care?


Patient Care Reminders

  • Support clinical protocol adherence for turns, pain checks, and more using on-demand reminders
  • Reduce caregiver mental load with fully automated rounding reminders

Staff and Patient Requests

  • Save steps and speed response by converting generic calls to specific patient needs right from the staff console
  • Remove steps with one-touch action requests that staff can trigger right from the patient room

Virtual Rounding

  • Give caregivers real-time information about their entire unit including patient risk status, nurse calling activity, staff location and assignments, and bed status with Voalte® Status Board

Falls Automation

  • Automatically arm the bed exit alert with the Voalte® Patient Safety application
  • Continuously monitors bed state so caregivers are notified when patients are at risk

Reporting and Analytics

  • Access the data you need to analyze clinical and operational performance
  • Set goals for continuous improvement

Real-Time Staff Locating

  • Automate common clinical workflows such as call cancellation and reminder completion
  • Facilitate staff collaboration with real-time views of staff location
  • Enhance caregiver safety with one-touch duress calling

"We love using the Voalte Nurse Call status board feature as it provides a snapshot of pertinent information in real-time. We can take a quick look and determine things like if the bed exit alert is set, if a call has been responded to, and if a bed needs repair.”

— Lisa K. Eaves, Director for Medical, Surgical and Pediatrics, Scotland Memorial Hospital

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Nurse using the Voalte® Nurse Call app in the patient room ""

Voalte Nurse Call System Integrations

Your Systems Should Work Together to Increase Clinical and IT Value — And That Includes Your Nurse Call System

Voalte Nurse Call is an enterprise solution powered by a secure software platform that is ready to connect to your existing technology while keeping patient information safe. The bi-directional information flow uses industry-standard protocols, helping you simplify interoperability, automate data sharing and move from reactive to proactive care.


30+ years of integration experience


400+ hospitals automating workflows with staff locating1

Staff safety

100,000+ staff with access to one-touch duress calling2

Electronic medical records icon of a computer monitor

Electronic Health Record

  • Ensure nurse call and other systems are providing consistent information to care teams
  • Receive patient risk assignment, patient admit-discharge-transfer updates, and staff assignments from the EHR
  • Send bed data to the EHR to help promote data accuracy and reduce charting time for caregivers
Mobile communications icon of a smartphone device

Mobile Communications

  • Keep a continuous pulse on patient needs, wherever you are, with direct integration to mobile communication apps 
  • Use call notification and escalation procedures to deliver calls to the right caregiver
  • Provide nurse call-back support for caregivers to their patient without needing to go into the room
Voice alert icon

Middleware and Alarm Management

  • Centralize management of notifications, alerts and alarms for nurses and other caregivers, including those coming from your nurse call system
  • Interface with middleware and alarm management solutions to standardize alerting workflows and reduce alarm fatigue

“Voalte Nurse Call and the Voalte communications platform have had a significant impact on the care and safety of our patients. This integration provides the caregiver with an immediate notification of patient calls, the call type and location. This is essential… and directly improves response times to those calls.”

— John Hosler, Senior Clinical Systems Support Analyst, Trinity Health Information Services

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A nurse and Hillrom service technician smiles while holding a tablet device

Voalte Nurse Call Service and Support

Your Technology Investments Should Support Your Network and Workflows — Not the Other Way Around

Let us partner with you to add dependability to your hospital environment through a proven, repeatable deployment process that helps you maximize your investment for the life of your nurse call system. Rely on our service professionals with the personal, clinical and technical experience to guide you from initial system design through installation to ongoing maintenance and support.


20+ years developing, installing, and supporting nurse call

Install base

1,000+ Hillrom nurse call systems deployed


90%+ issues resolved remotely, 150+ technicians for on-site service


200+ Hillrom service professionals ready to support you

Hillrom technicial smiles in a hospital room while fixing a Smart Bed

Hillrom Provides All the Services Necessary to Develop, Implement and Support Your Nurse Call Strategy

  • Implementation Engineering
  • Clinical Workflow Design
  • Project Management
  • Systems Integrations
  • On-site and Remote Education
  • Clinical Consulting Services
  • Service manuals for Nurse Call and other Hillrom solutions
Hillrom technicial smiles in a hospital room while fixing a Smart Bed

Proactive Service Solutions

  • Protect your nurse call investment with maintenance and support coverage for hardware and software.
  • A software maintenance agreement offers 24/7/365 remote support and free system software upgrades giving you access to the latest enhancements.
  • An extended service agreement includes extended parts warranty coverage, preventative maintenance, and on-site support.
A telephone operator smiles while colleagues work in the background

24x7 Front Line Call Center

Talk to a Call Center agent each time, any time you call.  Our agent will triage your concern and ensure your call is handed off to the Technical Support team to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

“Hillrom was truly a partner… what we have implemented here, It’s using clinical scenarios and merging them with IT to bring information to the fingertips of the caregivers and to revolutionize the way we deliver care.”

— Fabian Fregoli, MD, CMIO, St. Joseph Mercy Oakland | AHA’s “Most Wired Innovator” 2017


Dive Into Real-World Nurse Call Results

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Voalte Impact on the Current Nursing Shortage

Hear how Joel Ray, CNO & VP of Patient Care Services, from UNC REX Healthcare explains the impact of the nursing shortage and how his team utilizes care communications technology and Voalte Nurse Call to ease the burden on frontline care givers.


*Audio Only - HIMSS Podcast

Alerts in Voalte Platform are secondary alarms, and responding to an alert on your phone may not address the primary alarm.
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