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Discover how our innovations help you deliver desired outcomes — from simple to complex procedures.


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Discover how our innovations help you deliver greater outcomes.

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Enabling Peak Procedural Performance & Connectivity in the Operating Room

Solutions designed to be:



Products engineered with clinician and patient safety in mind. This includes surgical tables with collision detection, overhead lights, like Helux Pro, which allows for optimal laminar air flow and features a light intensity indicator.



We aim to empower caregivers by providing the devices needed to support surgical teams, allowing them to focus their attention on the patient and the procedure. With the simplicity and intuitive nature of our Helion OR Integration system or the shadow control on our Helux Pro lights, we’ve designed our products to help enable caregivers to perform at their best.



Baxter offers a full portfolio of lights, booms, tables, table accessories, ORI and more. With a broad view of the OR and the ability to support most cases and specialties, we are able to see your needs. By partnering with Baxter, we enable you to have fewer vendors to manage while also having our support and expertise in workflows, room design, trainings, and tech support to help minimize disruptions.



At Baxter, our core mission is to save and sustain lives. As part of this, we have always aimed to be at the forefront of innovation and technology. It has allowed us to introduce products such as a surgical table that pairs with a robot for Integrated Table Motion, surgical overhead lights with LED technology and an integrated light intensity indicator, and a conductive patient warming system. We continue to carry that timeline of innovation forward and continuously aim to improve so that we can be the right partner both now and moving into the future.




Helion was designed with cutting edge technology with surgical team’s feedback top of mind. The sleek General User Interface and seamless navigation provides intuitive functionality to support your needs.

  • Intuitive Design: Single touch drag & drop main screen controls, always available on the main menu to help simplify workflow
  • Video Vendor Agnostic: Open architecture accepts any video inputs
  • Scalable: Ability to scale to evolving technology

Rx Only.
For safe and proper use of product mentioned herein, please refer to the Instructions for Use or Operator manual.



For decades we have been creating effective and innovative surgical lighting. From shadow control to our latest high intensity indicator, we have focused on empowering caregivers at every moment of care. With our portfolio ranging from exam lights to our latest Helux Pro, we have a full range of surgical lights designed to meet your needs.

FCS Booms are designed to be both adaptable for today and ready for tomorrow. Customize to your needs with both vertical and horizontal articulating booms.




When you’re looking for OR tables and technology for your unique surgical environments – from traditional, hybrid, and robotic ORs to ambulatory surgery centers and spine centers – we have comprehensive and customized solutions for you.

OR surgical tables by Baxter


Whether for orthopedic, spinal, cardiovascular, or other surgical needs, we have the equipment you need to support your surgical workflow.




From clamps to siderails and trays we’ve got hundreds of accessories for a variety of surgical procedures.



Customer Experience Centers

  • On-site or remote experiences available
  • On-site locations in Irvine, CA or Batesville, IN
  • See how our products can help connect patients and care teams
  • Designed to provide an in-depth look at how our portfolio works to help support your patient and surgical team goals

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  • Remote support
  • Service certifications
  • Preventive maintenance

Mobile Customer Experience Center

  • A comprehensive operating room suite on wheels that allows you to directly experience our innovative surgical technology
  • Hands-on product demos that can come to you
  • Continuing education and project planning sessions on-site

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Construction Solutions

  • Construction Solutions team is able to engage with key stakeholders early in project design to help ensure that all clinical, operational, and financial objectives are achieved through the design and planning process
  • Help define an accurate budget and allows you to do more with fewer partners
  • Accounts for device connectivity, clinical workflows, and cross-team communication needs

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