Gloved clinician uses the Helion system’s drag-and-drop functionality

Revel in the Evolution of ORI Technology

OR integration made easy.



OR Integration 

Transform your OR with the scalable Helion ORI solution that includes touchscreen controls for usability, video conferencing to enable live consultation and training, and vendor-agnostic integration that works with you existing OR technology.

Clinically Intuitive

One-touch, drag & drop controls help simplify your workflow

Video Vendor Agnostic

Open architecture accepts any video inputs


Designed with the ability to scale with evolving OR needs


Small footprint features built-in scalability at no additional cost

Experience the Helion Difference

How can the Helion ORI system help you get more from every moment in the OR?

Screenshot displays pre-set list within Helion interface

Presets & Worklists

Customize your experience and supports easy room setup with pre-set audio, video and lighting settings and simple checklists for patient setup.

Screenshot displays multiple video and data sources within Helion interface

Video Routing

Get the data and visuals you need without delay with zero latency input/output displays and connectivity.

Screenshot displays video conferencing functionality within Helion interface

Video Conferencing

Bring in outside expertise or share your own with high-definition video conferencing.

Screenshot displays video recording features within Helion interface


Record two channels simultaneously and take advantage of retroactive recording — even if you forget to hit record.

Screenshot displays data sharing capabilities within Helion interface

Media Capture/Edit/Export

Seamlessly share information via PACS to your EHR, network folders, or other ORs & departments.

7 Things to Consider When Evaluating ORI Technology

Technology is intended to help clinical teams not intimidate them. Easy to learn technology supports optimal ORI use. 

Beyond that, we’ve identified 7 key moments when an ORI system plays a key role.


See the Helion System in Action

Whether the procedure is relatively simple or highly complex, the technology in your OR should help support your workflow goals — not work against them. Watch and learn how the Helion system adapts to your workflows to support  your surgical team.


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The Power of Operating Room Integration

Dive into the latest ORI whitepaper that addresses the challenges faced by today’s surgical teams and explores how ORI technology can help with:

  • Risk of distractions and interruptions
  • Costs related to inefficient ORs
  • Connecting with colleagues outside the OR in real time


Beep Beep! Innovation Has Arrived.

Bring our state-of-the-art technology directly to your doorstep with our Mobile Surgical Customer Experience Center. Start with a virtual tour, then book your own experience for hands-on demonstrations, personalized consultations, continuing education and more.


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Your Partner For Construction Planning

A connected surgical department requires big-picture thinking — and that requires an experienced partner. Our dedicated team of healthcare construction experts will provide the right equipment for each part of your project — and we’ll also go farther. With our broad portfolio and built-in connectivity, we can help architects, general contractors and equipment planners deliver integrated solutions that meet specs on day one, and provide a smart foundation for growth in future phases.




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