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Explore how we’re connecting every moment of care with actionable insights and efficient workflows.


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At the Intersection of Insight and Intervention

In Medical Surgical (Med-Surg) units, every moment you spend with patients counts. As part of Baxter, we’re here to help you connect each of those moments of care with actionable insights and efficient workflows.



Support Efficient Workflows

You went into healthcare for a reason. Spend less time on manual tasks and more time focused on patients. We design our solutions to keep you informed with the patient information you need through automated processes, reducing manual tasks.

Connect Care Teams

When workloads rise, efficient communication becomes even more critical. In addition to reducing burdens for clinicians, hospitals that adopt clinical communications applications have seen significant improvements in time savings, accuracy and clinical workflows.

With unified clinical communications, you can spend more time where it counts — at the bedside.

Featured Solutions:

Reduce Alarm Fatigue

Without the right context and coordination, alarms can add more noise than knowledge.

What if you could cut through the noise and elevate what’s urgent? We help you do it with clinical communication solutions that reduce cognitive burden while connecting your care teams to your patients — and each other.

Featured Solutions:

Reduce Manual Data Entry

Your care teams need timely patient vital signs to inform the best clinical decisions. But is manual entry into the EMR presenting an avoidable obstacle?

Save valuable time and reduce the potential for errors. Our connected patient monitors and medical device integrations automate data entry, then deliver the patient data you need, where and when you need it for charting and clinical use — from the EMR to the palm of your hand.

Featured Solutions:



Deliver Actionable Insights

In med-surg, things can change in a heartbeat. That’s why we deliver timely patient data you need for earlier diagnoses and treatments to help you accelerate recovery.

Detect Signs of Deterioration

Warning signs can be identified 6-8 hours before a critical event.1 With continuous monitoring of heart rate, respiratory rate and other vital signs, we help you spot them sooner, so you can intervene earlier.

Featured Solutions:

Reduce Hospital-Associated Infections

Infection control is top of mind in med-surg units everywhere — and for good reason.

Now you can keep a watchful eye while reducing risk. Help limit potential infection exposure with dedicated devices and accessories — and help identify signs of HAIs at the earliest indications — with continuous monitoring where you need it.

Featured Solutions:



Ensure Patient Safety & Comfort

As your med-surg patients work toward recovery, the last thing they need is an avoidable complication working against them. We design our solutions to help you avoid preventable risks and keep patients safe and comfortable while they’re under your care.

Reduce Falls

 We prioritize falls prevention in so many of our products to help you:

  • Monitor bed states
  • Automate bed exit alerts based on patient fall risk status in the EMR
  • Suspend and re-arm bed exit alerts based on caregiver presence
  • And much more

From smart beds to clinical communications to safe patient handling equipment, we design our solutions to help patients mobilize safely and reduce their risk of falls.

Featured Solutions:

Reduce Pressure Injuries

The negative impacts of pressure injuries on patients cannot be understated — and their impacts on healthcare spending are equally jarring.

Pressure injuries are pervasive and urgent issues, but they’re also preventable. To better protect your patients’ skin — and their outcomes — look to your surfaces.

Featured Solutions:



Improve Staff Safety

We know your staff members are your most valuable resources. That’s why we design our solutions to help you keep them safe while they do the same for your patients.

Improve Staff Safety with Real-Time Precision Locating

Violence against clinicians has long been a pressing concern for the healthcare industry – with violence in healthcare about four times more prevalent than in any other industry.2 The right technologies can help support a safer environment.

Nurse with location button

Duress Buttons

Alert the right response teams to unsafe scenarios at the touch of a button

Real-Time Staff Locating

Further improve safety by tracking staff locations for quicker responses to duress alerts

Count on precise locating and easy-to-use duress alarms to help you protect your teams.

Featured Solutions:

Protect Clinicians with Safe Patient Handling

We believe safety and mobility should go hand in hand — and that applies to clinicians as well as patients. Our safe patient handling solutions can help you safely mobilize patients without risking injury or requiring more clinicians than necessary. Our safe patient handling solutions include:

Patient Safe Handling

Overhead Lifts

Always at hand to help you mobilize patients safely and easily

Mobile Lifts

To bring safe patient handling support wherever you need it

Slings and Accessories

To best support each unique patient and environment

Protect your clinicians while they protect your patients. Our safe patient handling solutions can help.

Featured Solutions:

Explore How We’re Connecting Every Moment of Care in Med-Surg

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  1. Ben-Ari, J., Zimlichman, E., Adi, N., & Sorkine, P. (2010). Contactless respiratory and heart rate monitoring: validation of an innovative tool. Journal of medical engineering & technology, 34(7-8), 393-398.
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