The Hillrom Progressa+ ICU Hospital Bed supports skin breakdown prevention, pulmonary therapy and early patient mobility.
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Always Ready in the ICU


In the ICU, you need to be ready for anything. With critical patients, complex treatment plans and limited staffing, there is no room for delay. With stakes this high, you can’t trust just any bed. You need a bed designed with the ICU in mind.


We designed the Hillrom Progressa+ bed specifically for your realities in critical care. This true ICU bed draws on the strong legacy of its predecessor, and builds on it with meaningful improvements designed for today’s ICUs — including skin protection, in-bed pulmonary therapy, patient mobility support and much more. Discover what makes the Progressa+ ICU bed always ready to support you, so you’re always ready in the ICU.



Always Ready in the ICU

You can’t trust your ICU patients’ or nurses’ safety to just any bed. So we designed the Progressa+ true ICU Bed to help you face your challenges with confidence.

An icon illustrates a patient lying in a hospital bed with common pressure points highlighted


Help prevent pressure injuries with surfaces designed to help protect patients’ skin integrity.1

An illustration of two lungs represents pulmonary therapy


Help patients breathe easy with in-bed pulmonary therapies designed to help prevent pulmonary complications.1

An icon of two forward-facing arrows represents patient mobility


Get patients moving early and often with support for the latest early patient mobility protocols.1

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Meet a True ICU Bed for Your True ICU Reality

We designed this true ICU bed to help address the unique challenges you face every day in the ICU. Watch what makes it always ready to support you, so you’re always ready to support your patients.

Protect Patients’ Skin From Hospital-Acquired Pressure Injuries

Immobile patients are at higher risk for skin breakdown.2 Help protect your patients’ skin and reduce the burden on your clinicians with the Progressa+ bed.

  • Help prevent hospital-acquired pressure injuries with advanced surfaces that manage heat, moisture, pressure, shear and friction1
  • Simplify patient positioning with a bed that helps prevent sliding, adjusts for each patient’s height and helps clinicians turn patients with the press of a button1
  • Take time- and energy-consuming tasks off your clinicians’ minds, so they can focus where they’re needed most
prevent HAPIs image
pulmonary therapy controls

Breathe Easy With In-bed Pulmonary Therapies

Long periods of immobility are common in the ICU, making pulmonary complications top concerns.3,4 The Progressa+ bed supports therapies and protocols to help combat these issues — without additional devices or more clinicians called to the bedside.

  • Deliver pulmonary therapies like Chest Physiotherapy and Continuous Lateral Rotation — in bed, with the press of a button.
    o Percussion & vibration
    o Continuous lateral rotation
  • Support proning orders and protocols with an easy-to-attach accessory that provides uninhibited access to the patient’s face
  • Help clinicians deliver respiratory therapies with no additional devices and no additional clinicians required
Nurse with patient

Move Patients Early and Often with Safe Patient Mobility Support

In the ICU, mobility is key to stability. Mobility protocols are proven to reduce both ICU length of stay and the number of ventilator days.5 Get your patients moving earlier and often — while reducing strain on clinicians — with an early mobility protocol and the Progressa+ bed.

  • Help patients safely stand with the one-button FullChair position with sit-to-stand option.
  • Tap into our clinically proven Early Mobility Program, helping patients get moving earlier and stabilize more quickly6
  • Protect clinician safety by helping them mobilize patients without heavy or unsafe lifting

Surfaces That Do More (So You Can, Too)

What if your surfaces could help you deliver the right care for each patient? With the Progressa+ True ICU Bed, you can choose the surface that fits your patients’ needs — and your workflows.


Nonpowered Surface

Delivers consistent pressure redistribution, comfort and envelopment1


Integrated Powered Air Surface

All the benefits of the Hillrom Progressa+ Essential surface, plus more advanced features designed to help prevent and manage skin breakdown1


Integrated Powered Air Surface

All the benefits of the Hillrom Progressa+ Advance surface, plus more advanced features designed to help treat and prevent pulmonary complications1


See the Progressa+ TRUE ICU Bed In Action


Progressa+ True ICU Bed In-Service Video

Progressa+ true ICU bed

You’re There For Your Patients in the ICU. We’re Here For You.

Dive deeper into how the Progressa+ true ICU bed addresses many of today’s leading critical care challenges. Then see how we’re reaching across our portfolio to support patients and clinicians in the ICU.


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Monitor Your Smart+ Beds With Remote Service

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Progressa+ True ICU Bed In-Service Video

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