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Q-Stress Cardiac Stress Testing System
Explore Baxter's Q-Stress Cardiac Stress Testing System, a legacy Quinton device. Real-time accuracy with the VERITAS algorithm and EMR connectivity.
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Welch Allyn®

Q-Stress Cardiac Stress Testing System

The simple, secure and connected solution for clinical excellence in diagnostic cardiac stress testing.


Imagine a future where you can detect and diagnose heart conditions faster and with greater accuracy. With our treadmill stress test equipment, that future is here. We're delivering the accurate, intelligent insights you need to help improve patient outcomes. Get ready to experience more user-friendly and patient-friendly cardiac stress test equipment.


The Q-Stress system's intuitive user interface helps you access the diagnostic information you need — quickly. Our best-in-class algorithms offer exceptional accuracy in real-time ST-segment monitoring, arrhythmia detection and resting ECG interpretation. The stress test system's complete clinical data presentation shows you patient information on one screen with a 24-inch display, and the intuitive left-to-right workflow leads you through stress tests with all settings just one click away.

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The Q-Stress Cardiac Stress Testing System, previously branded as Welch Allyn, Mortara, Burdick and Quinton, is now a Baxter diagnostic cardiology device.


  • VERITAS algorithm offers exceptional accuracy in real-time ST-Segment Monitoring, arrhythmia detection, and resting ECG interpretation
  • Source Consistency Filter removes noise and maintains ECG integrity
  • Real-time full disclosure lets you review historical ECG data throughout the exam
  • Optional wireless data acquisition increases workspace flexibility
  • Connected workflows help you improve patient care and information access
  • Flexible user configurations tailor over-reads, billing and data storage to your workflow
  • 12-lead ECG interpretation for adults, adolescents and children
  • Standards-based HL7 and DICOM bidirectional connectivity
Clinician with patient using Q-Stress System


Access diagnostic data quickly with left-to-right navigation.


Protect the information that matters most with data encryption.


Send data to EMR, ECG management system or PAC.

Clinician interacting with exam screen, patient in background on treadmill with nurse watching

Wireless Freedom

The Wireless Acquisition Module (WAM) makes exams easier and creates a more comfortable, trip-free experience for your patients. Free your care area from unnecessary wires with a simple, untethered workflow that helps minimize artifact while capturing quality exam data.

Simple. Secure. Connected.

Imagine a future where you can detect and diagnose heart conditions faster and with greater accuracy. With the Q-Stress Cardiac Stress Testing System from Hillrom, that future is here. We're delivering the accurate, intelligent insights you need to help improve patient outcomes. Get ready to experience a more user-friendly, patient-friendly approach to stress tests.




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Q-Stress Cardiac Stress Testing System Clinical Training Series

Below is a training course that will cover the details you need to operate the Q-Stress device and perform successful exams on a variety of patient types.

Click Here to go to the full clinical training page.

Section 1: Introduction

Overview of the Q-Stress Cardiac Stress Testing System from Baxter. 

Section 2: Q-Stress Cart

A high-level overview of the Q-Stress system and its accessories.

Section 3: The WAM (Wireless Acquisition Module)

Instructions on how to pair and utilize the Wireless Acquisition Module (WAM) and understanding what main LED indicators are for.

Section 4: Software Overview and Preparing for Exams

In this detailed instructional video, we will walk through the entire preparation process for a Q-Stress exam and explain the home screen interface.

Section 5: Preparing the Patient for Exams

In this section we will be covering proper patient preparation, including lead placement, and how to connect your patient to the acquisition module.

Section 6: Conducting a Stress Test

Learn the Q-Stress acquisition process including how to start/complete the exam, if you utilize a modality worklist, and what various buttons indicate during the exam.

Section 7: Reviewing/Signing Stress Tests

We will walk through how to interpret and sign off on Q-Stress diagnostic results as well as how to transmit results to your EMR or ECG management system.

Section 8: Q-Stress Clinical Settings

This section will review user preferences and settings such for IT and clinical users and permissions associated with each user type.

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