Access diagnostic-quality data quickly with an intuitive left-to-right workflow that guides you seamlessly through stress tests, with all settings just one click away. The system's complete clinical data presentation shows you patient information on one screen with a 24-inch display. Plus, real-time full disclosure allows you to see historical ECG data throughout an exam.


Protect patient information and your network with data encryption and additional security features.


Flexible connectivity options allow you to send exam data to virtually any EMR, ECG Management System or PAC to help improve data accuracy and save time with manual documentation.

Making the Complex Simple

The Q-Stress Cardiac Stress Testing System brings proven clinical excellence to the forefront of diagnostic cardiac stress testing. Experience the simplicity of our intuitive user interface and one of the top algorithms so you can quickly access diagnostic information and exceptional accuracy in real time ST segment monitoring, arrhythmia detection and resting ECG interpretation.

Wireless Acquisition Module

Bi-Directional Communication

Trigger Module Output

Real-Time Full Disclosure

24" Touchscreen

Advanced Security

Create a Trip-Free Experience

With the Wireless Acquisition Module (WAM)

By using the Wireless Acquisition Module, your patient can be untethered from the device with no wires to trip over. When time is of the essence, you can move quickly from treadmill to bed for echocardiograms and other time-sensitive imaging exams without having to unhook your patient.

Patient wears the Wireless Acquisition Module (WAM) for untethered ECG exams.

92% of Q-Stress System users said the software’s user interface made it easy to input patient information and start an exam.*

The Source Consistency Filter in the Q-Stress System filters noise and artifact during an exam.

See a Clear Picture

With the Source Consistency Filter (SCF)

Our patented Source Consistency Filter (SCF) is an exclusive feature on all Q-Stress Cardiac Stress Testing devices, providing noise reduction without the signal degradation common in other filtering methods. This standard feature distinguishes between noise and the actual signal in all 12 leads so you can get a clearer picture of ECG data. The filtering reduces low-frequency and high-frequency noise, muscle tremor noise and baseline artifact while preserving diagnostic-quality waveforms.

3 out of 4 users say the SCF produced an easier-to-read ECG waveform.*


Experience a simple workflow and clear data presentation

Our complete clinical data presentation allows you to see patient information on one screen with a 24-inch touch or non-touch display. An intuitive left-to-right workflow leads you through stress tests with all settings just one click away.

All Data on One Screen

Automated or Manual BP

Real-Time Full Disclosure

Click It to Change It

ST-Segment Monitoring

Left-to-Right Workflow

89% of users say the 24” display showed them all the necessary information they needed during an exam.*

A view of the Q-Stress System screen showcases the real-time full disclosure, which can be used to review up to 20 minutes of ECG data during or after an exam.

Never Miss a Beat

Real-Time Full Disclosure gives you the flexibility to mark several event types for further review.

In a single-lead view, you can highlight events and isolate them for further evaluation. Marking events in real-time allows you to scroll through key portions of a stress test at any point during or after an exam for a more comprehensive view of your patient’s stress test data.

The detailed reports you need, simply at your fingertips

A clinician is sending a stress test report from her Q-Stress System to her patient’s chart in the EMR.

Connect to Virtually Any EMR

Utilize common communication protocols to save time—and paper—with your stress test results.

Q-Stress software can be installed on a server and connect to multiple device workstations throughout your network to schedule exams, review full disclosure exams, enter conclusions and electronically sign results. Bidirectional communication with DICOM, HL7, XML, or PDF is available to help you reduce errors, while providing an electric, editable test format for your team. And because the Q-Stress System can connect to virtually any EMR, ECG Management System or PACS, your facility can take advantage of a secure, connected workflow.

Protect Your Patient’s Data

Audit trails, data encryption, user authentication (LDAP), and more are designed to help you securely take advantage of connected workflows for improved patient care and information access.


helping Patient to understand

Simplifying Cardiac Stress Tests with an Intuitive, User-Friendly Design

The Q-Stress System is a safe, easy-to-use system. The large monitor provides real-time results that have proven to be more accurate than other systems we have used.

Tiffany Piro | CMRP Procurement, Specialist at Healthcare Associates of Texas 


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*Statistics based on survey data collected from Q-Stress 6 System users in 2020. Complete data on file with Hillrom.