A patient wearing a nasal cannula sits upright in a Hillrom bed while his clinician listens to his heart with a stethoscope

Q-Stress Cardiac Stress Testing System Clinical Training Series

Welcome to the clinical training series for the Q-Stress Cardiac Stress Testing System from Baxter. This course will cover the details you need to operate the Q-Stress device and perform successful exams on a variety of patient types. The videos are organized by number and should be watched in order for a comprehensive overview. Topics include physical elements of the cart, software, and general stress test best practices.

Section 1: Introduction

Overview of the Q-Stress Cardiac Stress Testing System from Baxter. 

Section 2: Q-Stress Cart

Get to know your new Q-Stress equipment in a high-level overview of the system and its accessories.

Section 3: The WAM (Wireless Acquisition Module)

Instructions on how to pair and utilize the Wireless Acquisition Module (WAM) and understanding what main LED indicators are for.

Section 4: Software Overview and Preparing for Exams

In this detailed instructional video, we will walk through the entire preparation process for a Q-Stress exam and explain the home screen interface.

Section 5: Preparing the Patient for Exams

In this section, we will cover proper patient prep including lead placement and how to connect your patient to the acquisition module.

Section 6: Conducting a Stress Test

Learn the Q-Stress acquisition process including how to start the exam, if you utilize a modality worklist, what various buttons indicate during the exam, and how to complete the exam.

Section 7: Reviewing/Signing Stress Tests

We will walk through how to interpret and sign off on Q-Stress diagnostic results as well as how to transmit results to your EMR or ECG management system.

Section 8: Q-Stress Clinical Settings

This section will review user preferences and settings such for IT and clinical users and permissions associated with each user type.