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Healthcare Interoperability

Bridge the gap between technology and care.

Deliver more effective, more human care

Hospitals are cluttered with disconnected systems and proliferating data that complicate clinical workflows and slow care delivery.

Now there is a solution.

When systems work together, clinicians and patients benefit

Our connected ecosystem of solutions creates clinical value by removing clutter and delivering actionable patient information, when and where it matters most.


Purposeful connectivity, actionable data

To improve care delivery and anticipate patient needs, the technologies you depend on must work together.

We make connectivity purposeful by establishing integrations between patient monitoring devices, clinical communications solutions, and hospital systems to create bi-directional data flow and enable surveillance tools that deliver near real-time insights at the point of care.


Standard, open and secure

Uniting solutions across your healthcare enterprise creates a digital environment of care that supports both your clinicians and patients. We're making those connections simple for you with:

  • Hillrom solutions that use IHE certified, industry standard protocols to promote interoperability and simplify the flow of patient information and alerting required for care delivery.
  • Open APIs that allow you to further maximize your technology investments and extend the capabilities of your unique mix of clinical support systems.
  • Solutions that meet HIPAA requirements and comply with some of the most stringent cybersecurity standards.

Enhancing connections helps drives outcomes1

30 percent

more time spent on direct patient care 

80 percent

decrease in missed or late medication administration

41 percent

reduction in process waste

21 percent

increase in HCAHPS

60 percent

reduction in falls

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