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How Remote Management Can Help You Take Control of Connected Devices

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As the number of devices in your facility grows, so does your workload. Device management can get complex with upgrades, updates and troubleshooting — but it doesn’t have to be.

Remote device management allows you to access device information from a single, remote location to help reduce manual, in-person tasks and give back valuable time to your Biomed and IT teams.

Security is top of mind when choosing a device management system. That's why our secure, cloud-based solution never interacts with patient health information. Plus, it can scale to fit the needs of your organization while meeting compliance requirements.

Download our latest whitepaper to learn how remote device management can help you...

  • Access device location information.
  • Remotely deploy device upgrades and updates.
  • Retrieve device details and pull log files for streamlined troubleshooting.
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