Robotic Operating Rooms

As part of our exclusive partnership with Intuitive, creator of the da Vinci Xi® System, the TS7000dV Surgical Table with Integrated Table Motion can wirelessly connect with the surgical robot to help you enhance workflow, productivity, visualization, site access, data feedback and reproducibility.

Side view of the TS7000dV Surgical Table

Experience Integrated Table Motion

With Integrated Table Motion, the TS7000dV table and the surgical robot move together to provide patient positioning adjustments. This innovation delivers better surgical site access, visibility and even intraoperative patient-supine relief during longer cases—eliminating disruptive, time-consuming undocking mid-surgery. 

3/4 view of the TS7000dV Surgical Table

Experience Iso Center Movement

With iso center movement, the TS7000dV table creates a virtual pivot point for the da Vinci instruments and delivers the anatomy at the right working angle.