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Close-up of a surgical team member during surgery, Hillrom surgical light in the background

SmartCare™ Services

Surgical Tables, Lights & Booms

Explore our service plans for surgical tables, lights and booms.

Protect your patients with proactive service solutions

For fewer interruptions, better patient care and peace of mind

Explore our service offerings

SmartCare™ Complete/Protection+*

  • Includes preventive maintenance and on-site repairs with replacement parts and labor

SmartCare™ Response/Protection*

  • Includes on-site repairs with replacement parts and labor

SmartCare™ Prevention/Prevention PS*

  • Includes preventive maintenance

* Available only at time of capital purchase

A technician performs service on a Hillrom surgical table
  Complete/Protection+* Response/Protection* Prevention/
 Prevention PS*

OEM replacement parts

Scheduled preventive maintenance


Firmware/software updates


On-site repairs


24/7 technical support


10% off parts and fee-for-service



Remote diagnostic support




*Available at time of capital purchase up to 90 days after product ship date