Patient Warming Hospital Warming Blankets and Table Pads
Our warming system uses conductive hospital warming blankets and heated table pads to maintain normothermia from pre-op through post-op care.
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Patient Warming Hospital Warming Blankets and Table Pads

Elevate your approach to patient warming.


Despite surgical teams’ best efforts, all perioperative patients are at risk for unplanned drops in body temperature.1 But with effective and efficient patient warming, you can maintain normothermia and protect your patients before, during and after surgical procedures.

Our next-generation patient warming system uses conductive hospital warming blankets and heated table pads to quickly and effectively warm patients in any position from pre-op through post-op care. With air-free patient warming devices, it minimizes contamination. And thanks to integration with our PST 500, TS7000 and TS7000dV surgical tables, the process for your surgical teams has never been simpler.



More Than a Warming Blanket: Change How You Think About Patient Warming

The Baxter Patient Warming System goes beyond traditional hospital warming blankets. How does our air- and water-free patient warming system support patient safety and enhance care team workflows?

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Air Free

Reduce air contamination and noise with our conductive heat warming system.

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Better Warming

Provide immediate, continuous warming of the patient’s front & back for more efficient heat transfer.

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Faster Warming

Warm a large surface area with warming table pads and blankets — and can begin warming before the patient is prepped and draped.

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Ease of Use

No need to connect external pumps or air blowers. Simply plug in and go.


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Save time and money with efficient workflows and a cost-effective price point.

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Does Your Warming System Support Cost-Effective Care?

Effective patient warming devices can play an important role in improving both clinical and financial outcomes. In fact, with simplified workflows and no disposable warming components, you could save money on every case.

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Baxter Patient Warming Controller, front facing

Temperature Management Made Simple

Our temperature management controllers deliver low-voltage electricity to warming blankets and table pads where it is converted into safe heat and managed by an advanced sensor system. The 7” touchscreen display helps you:

  • View and manage connected blankets and table pads
  • Manage continuous temperature control for blankets and pads
  • Access user guides and other helpful resources
Surgical patient is pictured with warming blanket and heated table pads next to controller unit

Efficient Warmth From Above and Below

The system’s warming blankets and heated table pads efficiently warm patients from above and below with conductive and radiant heat. A variety of sizes and models are available to help you maintain normothermia in all patients across all procedure types.

PST500, TS7000, TS700dV

Part of the Industry-Leading Baxter Surgical Table Portfolio

Our trusted line of surgical tables just got better. With patient warming integrated directly into the table pads of the PST 500, TS7000 and TS7000dV surgical tables, setting the stage for patient warming is simple — so your teams can keep their focus on the patient in front of them.

Patient lies on WaffleGrip positioner in Trendelenburg position

Safe and Efficient Warming in Trendelenburg Positioning

Our unique WaffleGrip Positioning System — part of the complete Baxter Patient Warming solution — is designed to maintain normothermia in patients in the Trendelenburg position. It fits securely over the Baxter Patient Warming table pads, creating an anti-slip surface over the entire contact area. And better yet, it does all this while allowing optimal heat transfer between the warming mattress and your patient.

A surgical clinician watches over her patient during surgery

Normothermia Maintenance is Important at Every Step of Surgical Care

In a surgical setting, a decrease in core body temperature below normothermia can dramatically increase the risk for surgical complications.2,3 Patient warming from pre-op through post-op care can help surgical teams maintain normothermia and improve outcomes. Learn more about why it’s important — and how we can help.

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* Baxter is a registered trademark of Baxter International Inc. Wafflegrip is a trademark of Augustine Surgical Inc.

  2. Fred C, Ford S, Wagner D, Vanbrackle L. Intraoperatively acquired pressure ulcers and perioperative normothermia: a look at relationships. AORN J. 2012;96(3):251-260.
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