WaffleGrip Patient Positioner for Trendelenburg Positioning
The WaffleGrip Patient Positioner is an anti-slip surface designed to help maintain normothermia in the Trendelenburg position by providing warmth while reducing sliding.
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WaffleGrip Patient Positioner for Trendelenburg Positioning

Keep patients warm and secure while in the Trendelenburg position.


Hypothermia is all too common during Trendelenburg positioning due to the minimal surface area available to warm. Meet the WaffleGrip Positioning System — part of the complete Baxter Patient Warming System. This unique positioner helps you maintain normothermia in the Trendelenburg position by providing warmth while reducing sliding — even at angles of up to 40°.



Safe Securement in the Trendelenburg Position

The WaffleGrip Positioning System fits securely over the Baxter Patient Warming heated table pads, creating an anti-slip surface over the entire contact area. Its unique waffle pattern evenly disperses grip on the patient, decreasing localized shearing forces while increasing mechanical hold and friction. And better yet, it does all this while allowing optimal heat transfer between the warming mattress and your patient.


Maintain Normothermia

3.5x larger surface area helps prevent hypothermia with underbody warming


Improve Securement

Waffle pattern evenly disperses grip for less shearing and more hold & friction


Simplify Trendelenburg Positioning

Effortless positioning helps improve turnover time, staff safety and efficiency


Reduce Costs

Save time and money with efficient workflows and a cost-effective price point.

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Securement You Can Rely on

The positioner’s unique waffle pattern creates friction to prevent patients from slipping. Plus, its reliable attachment holds it securely in place on the table — even in steep Trendelenburg positions of up to 40°.

Save Your Back When Moving Heavy Patients Before Trendelenburg Positioning

The BackSaver Slide Sheet creates a frictionless surface over the anti-slip WaffleGrip pad. This allows you to easily slide heavier patients before tilting them into position, saving you from a strained back. After positioning, the BackSaver tears down the middle for easy removal.

Part of a Complete Patient Warming System

The WaffleGrip positioner works as part of the complete Baxter Patient Warming System. Together with patient warming blankets and table pads providing over- and under-body warmth, it adds reliable securement in the Trendelenburg position without sacrificing warmth.

Normothermia Maintenance is Important at Every Step of Surgical Care

In a surgical setting, a decrease in core body temperature below normothermia can dramatically increase the risk for surgical complications.1,2 Patient warming from pre-op through post-op care can help surgical teams maintain normothermia and improve outcomes. Learn more about why it’s important — and how we can help.

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Does Your Warming System Support Cost-Effective Care?

Effective patient warming devices can play an important role in improving both clinical and financial outcomes. In fact, with simplified workflows and no disposable warming components, you could save money on every case.

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* Baxter is a registered trademark of Baxter International Inc. Wafflegrip is a trademark of Augustine Surgical Inc.

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