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Cardio Server ECG Management System Version 7.2 Is Now Available

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Cardio Server 7.2 - What's New?

Improve daily productivity by optimizing your workflow with Baxter’s newest Cardio Server release. This release provides some exciting new enhancements that help improve device manageability and serviceability, and provides seamless integration with Baxter devices such as the ELI 380, 280, and 150c.

Baxter Cardiology Cardio Server Brochure

Cardio Server Brochure

Manage digital diagnostic data with ease with Cardio Server. Discover why Baxter's application is preferred when managing multi-modality diagnostic test results.

Auto-Reconciliation with Baxter Cardiology Brochure

Auto-Reconciliation with Baxter Cardiology

Discover how automated order reconciliation from Baxter Cardiology can help reduce manual workflow steps in the Emergency Department and beyond.

Included in Cardio Server 7.2 Release:

  • ELI Device Report includes:
        - Device location
        - Software version
        - Utilization
        - Serial Number
  • QT Enhancements
  • User-friendly tool bar icons added 

Inbox Command Center Functionality with Efficiency Tools for your Technicians

Straight from the inbox, technicians can:

  • Reconcile orders
  • Assign site and reading MD
  • Batch assignment options
  • Print, flag, set to stat, or delete studies

Check out a testimonial from one of our Cardio Server and ECG Device customers

Baxter ECG Devices

Do you have Baxter cardiology devices including the ELI 380 and 280, or are you considering modernizing your carts? This latest Cardio Server release makes it simple to directly integrate with Baxter’s ELI cardiographs to optimize your fleet. Baxter devices also make it easy to take advantage of other Cardio Server capabilities, like automatic order reconciliation, which can really help save time on the back end for your STAT ECGs.

Learn More about Baxter’s Diagnostic Cardiology Screening and Management Solutions Here. 

Let Cardio Server Simplify Your Workflow

See how Cardio Server works with your devices, EMRs, and unique challenges.


Are you ready to learn how to transform your diagnostic cardiology workflow?

We're here to help. Reach out with any questions you have in your search for new ECG management software and devices or request a demonstration.

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