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ASC Operating Room Solutions for Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Elevate Your Perioperative Services with Efficiency, Flexibility and Safety in Ambulatory Surgical Care

During surgery, operating rooms need to run smoothly. Perform with confidence, knowing you have everything in place to support the most popular ambulatory surgical procedures. Our surgical solutions can help you excel at ambulatory surgical procedures today, and prepare for the procedures that will help you grow tomorrow.




Explore Our Operating Room Equipment for Perioperative Care

PST 300+ Surgical Table for Perioperative Care

This versatile and flexible table supports a wide range of intraoperative positions and procedures in your ASC — at a budget-friendly price. With its modular design, ergonomic handling, slim column and 1,000-lb. weight capacity, it’s designed to handle even the most demanding operating room volumes.

Surgical Table Positioning Accessories for Perioperative Care

Enable virtually any perioperative/surgery procedure in your operating rooms — from orthopedics to urology to general applications. Our precision positioning accessories help you maximize the value of your surgery rooms.

Helion™ Integrated Surgical System for Perioperative Care

The Helion System’s easy-to-navigate interface, drag-and-drop capability and quick-access functions put comprehensive simplicity at your fingertips to help improve your operating room management and access to patient information. And you can immediately access the information you need in your perioperative environment with high-performance video technology like zero-latency routing, up to 4:4:4 chroma subsampling, dual channel 4K (with full 3D support) streaming and HD recording — all while caring for patients.

TL5000 Surgical Light for Perioperative Care

This easy-to-use surgical light adapts to the needs of each unique operating room. Its innovative optical design and adjustable light field support continuous illumination. Its automatic focus and integrated motion detector keep the surgical site optimally lit. And you can add a premium camera to bring full HD quality to your operating room.

FCS 700 Boom for Perioperative Care

Adapt your ASC equipment to deliver the care your patients need — and the flexible perioperative management you need. The FCS 700 Boom features a freely configurable service head with different supply modules for gas, power or data. And you can customize your setup by attaching components and accessories to the MPC rail — at any height and on every side. No tools required.


Find Comprehensive, Versatile and Scalable Ambulatory Care Solutions For Every Part of Your Center

Explore our full suite of offerings designed to bring peak procedural performance and connectivity to every corner of your ASC surgery center.


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