A Hillrom service technician consults a tablet from a hospital bedside

SmartCare™ Logistics

On-site Asset Management Services

Improve efficiency.

Time your clinicians spend searching for equipment is time they could be spending at the bedside. Reduce interruptions, delays and unnecessary equipment orders—with a partner you can trust.

With our SmartCare Logistics program, on-site Hillrom associates will manage the movement of your owned beds and/or stretchers with a customizable program tailored just for you. 

And the benefits go beyond the movement:

  • Work more efficiently with patient-ready equipment delivered where—and when—you need it
  • Improve patient and staff satisfaction by reducing wait times and interruptions in care
  • Help your bottom line when you right-size your capital and rental spend by improving owned asset utilization and avoiding unnecessary orders
A Hillrom service technician talks with a clinician, standing next to a Progressa Bed System
A Hillrom representative uses SmartCare Locating Technology to locate equipment from a hospital hallway

How does it work?

On-site Hillrom associates will use proprietary SmartCare Locating Technology to manage the location and movement of your owned beds and/or stretchers. Our associates can easily:

  • Track equipment locations in near real time
  • Manage orders to and from patient rooms
  • Perform hallway sweeps to ensure unused beds are in decontamination or storage areas