Patient Monitors and Diagnostic Cardiology Education and Training

Clinical User Training

We have training packages to serve your continuous clinical education needs—whether they relate to staff turnover, yearly Joint Commission education requirements, annual competencies, clinical skills day or new employee orientation.

These training program options were developed with direct feedback from valuable customers like you. We offer four on-site clinical packages along with online testing and validation.

Package Options

2-Day 5-Day


$3,655 $8,600


Begins from date of purchase. If all clinical days are not used, rollover days will not be permitted at the end of the term.

1 Year

2 days must be used consecutively.

1 Year

Minimum of 2 and maximum of 5 consecutive days.


* Based on standard rate of $2,150 per 8-hour weekday.


15%* 20%*

Clinical Training, Testing and Evaluation

We offer a wide range of clinical training tools including Device Learning Modules, Quick Reference Cards and Inservice Checklists. For more information, contact Grant Huff, our Clinical Consultant Manager at [email protected].