Join the Movement to Save Sight in Our Children

Pediatric patient receiving vision screening

Unlock a $500 rebate on the WELCH ALLYN SPOT Vision Screener.

Adding instrument-based vision screening to your workflow means more children have their vision screened and can potentially be referred for vision-saving treatment.

Pediatric vision screening can mean more than just great clinical outcomes for kids. When you implement Spot Vision Screener, vision screenings may be reimbursed* using CPT 99177. You’ll also experience a more efficient vision screening experience that can be scaled across large organizations, helping to increase vision screening completion rates and decrease unnecessary referrals to an eye care specialist.

Receive a $500 rebate on the Spot Vision Screener when you make a purchase April 15 to September 30, 2023. Download the promotional flyer to see how much you can save. Fill out the form to speak directly with a representative and learn more!


* The information contained in this document is provided for convenience only and represents no statement, promise or guarantee by Hillrom concerning coverage or levels of reimbursement. Payment will vary by geographic locality. It is always the provider’s responsibility to determine coding, coverage and claim information for the services that were provided.
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