EMR Integration Available for the WELCH ALLYN SPOT Vision Screener

a nurse performs a pediatric eye exam using the Spot Vision Screener

Manually documenting vision screening results can be time-consuming and error prone1. SpotConnect – the Spot Vision Screener EMR application – streamlines clinical workflows by allowing the EMR to directly communicate with the device to:

  • send orders
  • receive results
  • attach the report to the patient’s chart
an illustration depicts how SpotConnect streamlines clinical workflows by allowing the EMR to directly communicate with the Spot Vision Screener device

Pediatric and family medicine practices can detect and treat six vision risk factors in children as early as six months old more efficiently when the Spot Vision Screener is connected to the EMR. SpotConnect allows your staff to order a vision screening for your patient directly in the EMR and efficiently transfer results from the Spot Vision Screener back to the EMR. This helps you screen patients quickly, make easier referrals and start treatment sooner.



Time-saving Workflows

Vision screening reports are most often input manually into the EMR. With SpotConnect, exam reports are automatically sent to the patient record. This secure, HIPAA-compliant data transfer is available for Epic and Cerner. You can simplify workflows in your practice and eliminate extra steps taken by staff to capture vision screening results in your EMR.

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Accurate Data Within the EMR

SpotConnect allows vision screening results from the Spot Vision Screener to transfer automatically to the patient’s record in the EMR. All measurements are available for the care team to review, indicating if the results are in range or if a complete eye exam is recommended. Full access to patient data enhances a physician’s ability to make diagnostic assessments and select the most appropriate and effective form of treatment. When charting is complete, clinicians have the option to delete the information from the device. This feature protects patient data and saves time by eliminating the extra step of manually deleting results from the camera.

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Real-Time Access to Data Across the Care Team

Once vision screening results are available in the EMR, all members of the care team have easy access to this critical patient information. Providers and staff can easily review recommendations with the patient and caregivers, reports can be securely shared with specialists for referrals, and patients/caregivers can access reports in their patient portal if needed.

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