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Support Caregivers with Clinical Device Maintenance


Caregivers should focus on patient care instead of dealing with bed issues. SmartCare Remote Management tells you if a bed has an error code and how to solve it, where the bed is located, and if it is occupied by a patient. This enables you to identify and proactively address bed service needs quickly...possibly even before the caregiver and patient are impacted.

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Are You Ready to Take Control?

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Register for a live demo and discover how SmartCare Remote Management can benefit your facility: 


  • Deliver firmware updates remotely 
  • Troubleshoot with ease
  • Track bed location
  • Plan preventive maintenance
  • Check patient in bed status
  • View essential device data
  • Utilize Single Sign-On (SSO) capability
  • Reduce manual transcription
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How Simplified Maintenance Can Protect Caregiver Hours


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Have your teams implement proactive bed management without disturbing your patients or workflows. See how your maintenance processes can change when you implement SmartCare Remote Management.


Reinvest Your Time Where it Matters Most

Device downtime, deferred hospital bed repairs and firmware management gaps can put patient care and patient data at risk1. Discover ways to streamline processes while reducing disruption with remote management software.

1Top 10 Health Technology Hazards for 2017

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