Helux Pro Surgical Light
Experience surgical innovation for your OR with the Helux Pro Surgical Light, from Hillrom, with powerful illumination, 4K ready imaging and advanced safety controls.

Helux Pro Surgical Light

View your OR in a new light.


In the Operating Room (OR), surgical teams rely on overhead lights to illuminate the surgical field. The right lights can enhance their visualization — but substandard solutions can lead to difficulties and patient safety issues. The Helux Pro Surgical Light is more than a light head; it is an extension of your surgical team. With OR integration (ORI) compatibility, 4K camera integration and patient-safety-focused design, it supports you today and prepares you for the future with connected, reliable, superior illumination.



Surgical Lighting Developed to Optimize Efficiency

Surgical teams prioritize patient care. Configuring light heads shouldn’t pull their focus away. Empower your clinicians with a ceiling-mounted surgical light that lets them focus on the surgical site while the light heads do the rest.

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4K Imaging Ready

4K camera provides steady, real-time video signal to OR monitors without latency

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ORI Compatible

Surgical light and 4K camera can be seamlessly integrated with ORI systems

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Enhanced Patient Safety

Optional integrated sterile light control decreases risk of cross-contamination and a high intensity indicator alerts OR staff to help reduce thermal risk

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Slim & Lightweight Design

Sleek design optimizes laminar air flow for consistent, high-quality operating conditions

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View Your OR in a New Light

Watch and learn why the Helux Pro Surgical Light is the future of connected illumination.

Consistent Operating Room Lighting for Consistent Focus

Once the surgeon selects a pattern size, the light heads automatically maintain it throughout the procedure – at any typical working distance. This helps eliminate manual surgical light adjustments, saving time and allowing the surgeon to focus on the surgical site.

Clinician grasps sterile handle to adjust Helux Pro surgical light
Helux Pro surgical light eliminates shadows with clinician beneath light head

Effortless Shadow Control

Provide consistent operating room lighting conditions and eliminate unwanted shadows – even with staff directly beneath the light head. The 3D sensor identifies obstacles in the field of illumination, and LED modules activate and deactivate accordingly to remove shadows. The result? Proper illumination and shadowless light — no manual adjustments required.

Flexible Fit and Camera Ready

The flexible interface allows the light head to be fitted with standard, disposable, 4K camera, and sterile light control handles. Therefore, all light heads are camera ready — enabling you to upgrade your light head at any time.

Clinician attaches camera to Helux Pro surgical light

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