CAM Patch
The CAM Patch, formerly BardyDX, is a long-term ambulatory ECG monitor that's clinically proven to identify different arrhythmias with p-wave specificity.
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CAM Patch

The CAM Patch is a long-term ambulatory ECG monitor that has been clinically proven to identify arrhythmias. It is engineered to optimize p-wave signal capture, which enables differentiation between different types of atrial, as well as ventricular, arrhythmias¹ ². The CAM's simple design allows for ease of application and its clinical portal helps streamline clinician workflow.


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The Carnation Ambulatory Monitor, or CAM Patch previously branded as BardyDx, is now a part of the Baxter diagnostic cardiology portfolio.
  • The CAM Report provides full disclosure for the entire wear time and differentiates significant SVTs, including AF, AFL, AT, AVRT, AVNRT, and PAC.
  • The BadyDx AI engine has 96% sensitivity, 99.86% specificity, and 99.79% positive predictivity for detecting 30 seconds of AF or longer.³
  • Every CAM Report is analyzed by at least two certified ECG technicians based in the United States and has a >99.5% physician agreement rate.⁴
  • The CAM monitor can be uploaded using the BDx download station at the clinical site to expedite report processing. 
BDxConnect Portal Patient Management System Shown On A Computer Monitor

BDxConnect is the companion patient management system to the CAM Patch

With BDxConnect, you will be able to:

  • Manage full visibility into CAM Report status from data upload to report generation
  • Register streamlined and efficient data entry for quick patient registration
  • Review tailored report annotations and instant report generation
  • Review real-time report corrections
  • Customize the workflow to fit your needs


The CAM Report provides greater context for informed-decision making

Some of the CAM Report benefits are:

  • Clarity on the actionable diagnosis with unique multiple field views
  • Full disclosure for quick, in-depth interpretations
  • Reports are provided in PDF format and available through BDxConnect
CAM Report on paper and a 3/4 view

Discover how our P-wave-centric ambulatory cardiac monitor can help you capture actionable events with greater accuracy. We'll show you how.

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