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Hillrom COVID-19 Resource Center

As health organizations face the increase in patients from the spread of coronavirus/COVID-19, Hillrom is ready to help in meeting critical product, services and solution needs. We announced a goal of more than doubling production of the most critical products to help clinicians in hospitals and primary care to treat increased numbers of COVID-19 patients in the following five areas.

Maintaining availability of thermometry, vital signs and resting ECG devices to quickly examine patients and determine level of care needed.

Providing solutions to triage patients and dedicate supplies to isolation rooms in order to minimize cross-contamination risk.  Increasing production of disposable thermometry probe covers and single use pressure cuffs. 

Delivering innovative technologies to continuously monitor respiration rate. Providing patients breathing support when in respiratory distress and moving secretions out of the lungs.

Working with governments & hospital systems to prepare to treat, monitor and move more patients in acute settings, including technology to automatically detect signs of possible patient deterioration.

Preparing for care teams to stay connected across temporary spaces in hospitals and adjacent temporary facilities, as well as home or remote working spaces.

Hillrom’s business operations continue with no material interruption as global demand for several critical products has grown substantially. The company is working to significantly ramp up production of these products.


Supporting Caregivers in the Fight Against COVID-19

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Contact-Free, Continuous Monitoring and COVID-19 Treatment

Contact-free, continuous monitoring uses sensors under the mattress of a smart bed to monitor heart rate and respiratory rate, and sends an alert when these exceed a preset threshold. This may help with catching patient deterioration earlier, keeping ICU beds available for your most critical patients and limiting the need for staff to gown up and enter isolation areas. Watch this on-demand webinar.

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Efficient Communications at UConn Health's New Testing Site

Roberta Romeo Shannon shares how UConn Health is expediting drive-through COVID-19 testing by using Apple iPhones and the Voalte communications platform from Hillrom to take photos and send patient information via secure text messages. Read more here.

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Polish Hospitals In Need Receive 100 Hospital Beds

The Polish charity organization "Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity" distributed 100 Hillrom ICU beds to the most needy hospitals in Poland. Jerzy Owsiak, head of the charity, said, "The beds will go to hospitals that cooperate very strongly in the fight against coronavirus. We are very happy because it is absolutely top medical equipment". Read the story.

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Fast Outfitting a Field Hospital In Kuwait

In just 5 days, Hillrom worked with Kuwait's Advanced Technology Company and the Kuwait MOH to outfit a field hospital of 40 ICU’s, 200 ward rooms and 19 ER rooms with Hillrom beds, vitals signs monitors, stretchers and respiratory care products.

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COVID-19 Clinical Pathways and Analytics

To help keep hospital staff current on rapidly changing care guidelines, Hillrom partnered with AgileMD to offer COVID-19 clinical pathways at no charge for 12 months. The EHR-integrated software embeds advanced clinical pathways and predictive analytics into physician and nursing workflows. Learn more.

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FDA Approval for COVID-19 Airway Clearance Solution

Data suggests that up to 30 % of COVID-19 patients with severe disease have significant pulmonary mucus production. Oscillation and Lung Expansion (OLE) therapy delivered by The MetaNeb System helps expand the lungs and mobilize secretions using Continuous Positive Expiratory Pressure (CPEP), and Continuous High Frequency Oscillation (CHFO). Watch news brief featuring Emory University in Atlanta talk about the use of OLE with COVID-19 patients.

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Rapid Install of Vitals Monitors for NYC Hospitals

After an urgent need was identified by a Hillrom volunteer in NYC, the Hillrom factory team quickly delivered a donation of Connex® Spot Monitors and stands for Flushing Hospital and Jamaica Hospital. Upon delivery, service team members who had already been working hard assembling products at other NYC area hospitals, stepped in to help assemble the monitors so they could be put into use right away. See time lapse.


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