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Hybrid Angiography Imaging

With angiography imaging in your Hybrid OR, you can perform 3D imaging, be confident in your catheter guidance and needle placement, and much more.

TS7500 Hybrid OR Table Integrated with the Siemens Angio System

TS7500 OR Table integrated with Siemens solutions


We’ve worked with Siemens to integrate our TS7500 OR Table with the Siemens ARTIS pheno® and ARTIS zee ceiling angio solutions to support this advanced imaging—in the wide variety of patient positions you need. 

Together, we offer:

  • Flexible Isocenter for 3D volume imaging and imaging in complex procedures
  • Synchronized movements between the surgical operating table and angiography system for full flexibility in patient positioning—without compromising the imaging workflow
  • Head-to-toe intraoperative 3D imaging during cardio/vascular and neuro/spine surgery with the Carbon FloatLine™ and SQ14 X-TRA tabletops
  • Reduced radiation exposure1

Hillrom Hybrid OR Solution with Philips Azurion System with FlexArm—Seamless Integration

Combining our TS7500 Surgical Table and FCS Boom portfolios with the Philips Azurion system with FlexArm enhances patient outcomes with 3D imaging;

Optimal patient positioning, product tracking models and collision prevention reduce procedure time, enabling higher turnover time. The unique UI on boom integration provides flexible workstation positioning, which means you can better access medical devices and your patients, improving clinical workflow.

Invisibly routed cabling de-clutters the hybrid room, decreasing the number of cables on the floor, reducing trip hazards and making the floor easier to clean - leading to a safer, more hygienic hybrid OR.

Together, we offer:

  • Full Integration: The Azurion with FlexArm and Hillrom TS7500 OR System Tables move in synchrony for complete flexibility in patient positioning without compromising the imaging workflow.
  • Smooth and Easy Control: Save time with a single interface that allows you to easily adjust the table position and the C-arm using the Hillrom remote controls of the Philips tableside control module.
  • Fast and Simple Positioning: Quickly recall the stored position of the C-arm table and other parameters for a particular image or previously stored position.
  • Excellent Flexibility: Many clinical procedures can be performed with the Carbon Spine, Carbon FloatLine and the SQ14 X-TRA interchangeable specialty tabletops.
  • Better Patient Access: The Philips Azuron system with FlexArm user interface and controls can be directly integrated onto the Hillrom FCS boom to help reduce clutter in the OR and enable improved patient access. The controls may also be mounted on the Philips trolley or TS7500 siderails.
  • Table Tracking: Synchronized movements in table tracking enable Philips live 3D imaging tools and other advanced features such as 3D Roadmap, VesselNavigator and others.
TS7500 OR Table integrated with Siemens solutions


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