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Elevate Your Med-Surg Support

Standardize on Hillrom Centrella Smart+ Beds to help your teams elevate care for every patient, every time.


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Standardize on Hillrom Centrella Smart+ Beds to help your teams elevate care for every patient, every time



Take a Consistently Elevated Approach in Med-Surg

Are your biomed, facilities and procurement teams spending too much time and energy supporting aging
beds with different features, training requirements and service needs?

You chose the Hillrom Centrella Smart+ Bed because your time is too important to waste — and your patients’ health is too important to risk. Now let us help you
expand that value to every med-surg room in your hospital. Read on to explore the benefits of standardizing your med-surg unit on Centrella beds — so your teams
can help elevate care for every patient, every time.


Connection is Essential. Cables? Not Anymore

Are unplugged, broken or missing nurse call cables creating a barrier between your patients and care teams? Your Centrella Smart+ Beds now connect to the Hillrom ReadyConnect System — a reliable, wireless connection between your Centrella Smart+ Beds and nurse call system. This simple-to-use device helps keep patients safe and satisfied by sending nurse calls, room controls, bed alerts and other bed-generated data to the nurse call system — no cables required

And when you standardize on Centrella beds unit-wide, this connection can become even more powerful. Aggregate data across your entire bed fleet to help you:

  • Identify trends and challenges
  • Simplify reporting for leadership and/or quality metrics
  • Proactively support patient and clinician needs





A CENTRELLA bed is plugged into a READYCONNECT device on a wall


Discover the Power of Remote Control with SmartCare™ Remote Management play_circle_outline

Get Relief with Remote Service

Did you know we now offer remote management of your Centrella Smart+ Beds?
Connect your staff with near real-time data on your Centrella beds and other Hillrom devices – when and where they need it – with one, unified platform: SmartCare Remote Management.

  • Deliver firmware updates remotely
  • Troubleshoot with ease
  • Track bed location
  • Plan preventive maintenance
  • Check patient in bed status
  • Utilize Single Sign-On (SSO) capability
  • Reduce manual transcription


Discover Time Lost Servicing Hospital Beds

Managing repairs, preventive maintenance, firmware updates, bed availability and bed data takes critical time away from your service team. Find out how remote management for your Centrella beds can help you recoup that time - then consider the impact of expanding that value unit-wide.


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Your To-Do Lists Just Got Easier

Discover how standardizing on Centrella Smart+ Beds can help you work more efficiently across the hospital.


Let’s extend the value of your
Centrella beds unit-wide.

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