Information is the lifeline of healthcare - patient conditions are constantly changing making it imperative to get clinicians the information they need, when they need it.


IT infrastructure in hospitals can be complex and challenging to manage


An influx of new technologies has increased the burden on IT teams to maintain network and PHI security, while ensuring enterprise-level scalability


Disparate communication systems can require more vendor integrations and increase costs


The consequences of a fragmented IT infrastructure can be significant. IT staff may spend countless hours troubleshooting and maintaining different systems, resulting in reduced productivity and increased costs. In addition, security breaches can lead to HIPAA violations and fines, eroding patient trust and damaging the hospital's reputation. And your clinical users may struggle with slow response times, poor system performance, and difficulty accessing the information they need, leading to frustration and burnout.

VOALTE Mobile solves these challenges by providing a unified communication platform that integrates with existing IT infrastructure and supports enterprise-level scalability.



Simplify IT infrastructure

Use industry-standard protocols while providing robust security features

Maintain network and PHI security

Communications are secured on an encrypted platform, supporting HIPAA compliance

Streamline workflows

Reduce the need for multiple devices and systems while providing a single point of access for clinical users

Support enterprise-level scalability

Our software first focus makes it easy to scale as your hospital grows

Reliable access to patient data

In the event your EMR is down, clinicians can continue to access to patient waveforms, vitals, and clinical alarms.

SSO capability

Leverage single sign-on and active directory (AD) integration through LDAP

With VOALTE Mobile, hospitals can transform their communication systems and improve both IT and clinical outcomes. 

“It is so nice to pick up the phone and always reach the doctor or teammates on the unit. Most importantly, the platform has eliminated confusion and delays and aids in safe, timely, and efficient care to our patients!”

—Lauren Gillespie, BSN, CaroMont Nurse Manager

Streamline patient care without a smartbadge

Voalte Mobile is a better solution for healthcare communication because it offers a flexible "choose your device" model, allowing clinicians to use their own devices or hospital-provided smartphones and tablets, without being tied to a proprietary hardware. Additionally, Voalte Mobile is a unified platform that seamlessly integrates with other clinical applications, delivering a full house of data-rich patient care tools and clinician communication and collaboration tools from one vendor.

The conduit for collaboration


Choose Your Own Device


Unified Platform


Seamless Integrations


Vendor Consolidation

Healthcare leaders and clinicians should be able to focus on patient care, not figuring out how to communicate about patient care.

VOALTE Mobile Caromont Case Study

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Take the next step toward the future of digital health technology with VOALTE Mobile.