Universal Spine Frame OR Accessory Package for Surgical Tables #108181
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Universal Spine Frame OR Accessory Package for Surgical Tables


Precise patient positioning for spine procedures.

The accessories included in this package help surgeons position patients in either prone or lateral positions for spine procedures including laminectomies, decompressions and fusions. With components that safely and comfortably position a patient’s head, arms, chest, hips and legs, the care team is free to focus on the procedure.

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Accessories included in this package:

Flex Frame accessory

Universal Spine Frame

This table extension turns your existing, standard OR table into a spine table for complex spine surgical procedures. It provides the same positioning benefits as a stand-alone spine table, intraoperative lumbar flex and a small storage footprint.

Prone Arm Support accessory

Prone Arm Supports
2 included

These adjustable supports are used for positioning a patient’s arms during spine surgery. The supports are suitable for prone and lateral positions.

Supine Top Set accessory

Supine Top Set
4 included

Convert an open spine frame to a solid imaging surface for intraoperative imaging needs with these radiolucent sections.

  • Patient Weight Capacity: 500 lb (227 kg)
Supine Top Pads accessory

Supine Top Pads
4 included

This set of patented pressure management pads is for use with the Supine Top Set when converting an open spine frame to a solid imaging surface.

Standard Wingset System accessory

Standard Wingset System (Chest + Hip)

The wingsets are prone patient supports designed to comfortably and safely position patients with varying anatomies. They are optimized for pressure management and adjustability.

Comfort Cover Disposables accessory

Comfort Cover Disposables
Case of 5 sets, 4 pieces per set

Comfort Covers are for use with wingsets for patients in the prone position. These single-use covers are comprised of a moisture-absorbing foam with a low shear, Tyvek® backing. This helps to wick moisture away from patients while helping to alleviate sheer pressures.

Comfort Cover Mask Disposables accessory

Comfort Cover Mask Disposables
Case of 5

Comfort Cover Mask Disposables are for use with the C-Prone and C-Flex® Head Positioning System. The single-use masks are designed to reduce maceration and shear forces on the skin while cradling the face of patients in the prone position. They are comprised of a cosmetic, moisture-absorbing foam that is soft on the face.

Flex Frame OR Table Clamp accessory

Flex Frame OR Table Clamp Set

This accessory mount allows you to connect the Flex Frame to any standard OR table.

Flex Frame Armboard Rail accessory

Flex Frame Armboard Rail
2 included

This is a quick connect mount for attaching arm supports to a spine frame.

  • Patient Weight Capacity: 500 lb (227 kg)
  • Length of rail: 6" (15.2 cm)
Easy Lock® Socket

Easy Lock® Socket
2 included

This clamp can be attached anywhere on a standard OR table rail so you don’t have to search for table notches. The clamp features a quick and easy pull-to-release lever and a lithotomy wheel for accessory angle adjustments.

  • Patient Weight Capacity: 800 lb (363 kg)
  • Accepts any round post up to .6875" (1.8 cm)
C-Prone Package accessory

C-Prone Package

A standard head positioner that allows for vertical and rotational adjustment of the head in the prone position. It includes a fold away mirror and allows for easy airway access.