TS7500 Operating Table
The TS7500 Surgical table by Hillrom can be customized for almost any operating room procedure with variable height positioning and convenient patient access.
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TS7500 Operating Table

The flexibility and efficiency you need in an operating table system, now and in the future.


Your OR table should fit your evolving surgical needs today, tomorrow and in the years to come. That’s why the latest generation of the TS7500 OR System Table, a mobile or fixed surgical table, was developed to accommodate a wide range of applications and disciplines. Larger adjustment areas of the OR tabletops give you more flexibility in patient positioning. Overload protection and sensor-controlled collision recognition and avoidance options help to increase patient safety. A simple coupling point system allows for better ergonomics and saves you time. Continuous feedback upon every table adjustment improves communication with your team.


Flexibility, Efficiency and Safety – It’s All on the Table

From fixed hybrid to mobile CT, interventional imaging surgical suites are vital for complex, image-guided procedures. But the specificity and inflexibility of the table can leave ORs sitting idle. When efficiency and adaptability are paramount for successful throughput, optimizing your interventional imaging ORs for multidisciplinary use is vital.

The TS7500 System Table is reliable, future-proof and safe with interchangeable tabletops that can be easily adapted for different settings and procedures, enabling increased intraoperative efficiency and productivity. These functionalities and the table’s capability for multidisciplinary room use allow your surgical space to flex from Hybrid ORs to general surgery and beyond.


Multiple columns and tabletops for various clinical procedures 


Overload protection & collision monitoring for enhanced safety 


Exchangeable tabletops and stored memory positions 


Partner integrations for table control from many user interfaces 


TS7500 System Table

TS7500 System Table brochure cover

Technical Specifications

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TS7500 Columns

  Stationary Column Floor-Mounted Column Mobile Column
Rotation 360° free rotation
hybrid column: 350°
360° free rotation
hybrid column: 350°
Patient Weight Capacity 881 lb (400 kg) 881 lb (400 kg) 881 lb (400 kg)
Height Range of Table (without pads) 21.65" (55 cm) 21.65" (55 cm) 21.65" (55 cm)
Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg ±45° ±45° ±45°
Tilt ±30° ±30° ±30°


TS7500 Tabletops

  U24 H Carbon FloatLine Carbon Spine Carbon X-TRA MR Neuro SQ14 X-TRA
Tabletop Dimensions
(L x W)

42.1" x 23.6"

(107 cm x 60 cm)

90.15” x 20.47”

(229 cm x 52 cm)

without extended

tabletop, without


80.71” x 17.01”

(205 cm x 43.2 cm)

without extended tabletop;

in zero position

82.1” x 22.0”

(208.5 cm x 56 cm)


103.11” (261.9 cm)

Width of the

back and seat plate

without siderails: 17.71”

(45 cm)

Width of the

back section

with siderails:

20.24” (51.4 cm)

Width of the seat

plate with siderails:

21.22” (54 cm)

94.3” x 23.6”

(239.5 cm x 60 cm)

Longitudinal Slide 15.7" (40 cm)

31.50” (80 cm)

(Preferred direction)

25.59” (65 cm)

(Not in preferred


31.50” (80 cm)

(Preferred direction)

25.59” (65 cm)

(Not in preferred


17.91'' (45.5 cm) 18.58'' (47.2 cm) 13.78'' (35 cm)
Transverse Slide -

9.84” (25 cm) / 4.92”

(12.5 cm) to the left

or right from the zero position


6.69” (17 cm) / 3.34”

(8.5 cm) to the left or right from the zero position

9.84” (25 cm) / 4.92”

(12.5 cm) to the left

or right from the zero position

6.93” (17.6 cm)
Adjustment Range of Leg Section Joints + 90° / - 105° - - - - -
Adjustment Range of Back Section Joints

Upper: + 90° / - 70°

Lower: + 90° / - 55°

- - - Lower: +30°






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