A patient wearing a nasal cannula sits upright in a Hillrom bed while his clinician listens to his heart with a stethoscope

When patients need more than a PEP talk.

Airway clearance using High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation (HFCWO) can improve clinical outcomes:1 The Vest system.

Relief from chronic respiratory symptoms.2

Do you have patients who have been using Positive Expiratory Pressure (PEP) devices and aren’t improving? Or do their symptoms improve, only to fall into a recurring cycle of exacerbations, antibiotics, and even hospitalizations? If so, consider talking with your patients about The Vest system.

Surveyed clinicians state that patient symptoms not improving is a good indication that it’s time to move to HFCWO therapy such as with The Vest system.3 What’s more, 82% indicated they could have started patients on HFCWO therapy earlier in their disease progression.3 Could The Vest system help your patients, too?


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Improved clinical outcomes.1

Initial research on HFCWO showed it significantly improves outcomes for patients with bronchiectasis 12 months after initiation.4 Now, compelling new data presented at the American Thoracic Society annual meeting indicates those improvements may be sustained for three years.1


Review these and other compelling results from this three-year study in the clinical research summary.





Watch this 3D animation.

See how The Vest system works to clear airways.


Hear perspectives from a clinician and a patient on this life-changing therapy.

Watch “Breathe Again,” a segment from The Balancing Act that aired on Lifetime. It features pulmonologist Dr. Frederic Seifer and a bronchiectasis patient discussing their experiences with The Vest system.



Learn more.

Complete this form to download the HFCWO three-year clinical outcomes summary.


Request a demo.

To request a demo of The Vest system in your facility, simply call Hillrom at 651-415-9303.



Ordering information.

You can order The Vest system using the form provided below, then fax the completed form and documentation to 800-870-8452. Our reimbursement support services team will process the order and work with your patient’s insurance provider. Then, we’ll provide in-home training through our nationwide network of Hillrom trainers. After training, we’ll follow up with the patient to discuss any questions.



Download helpful resources.

Ordering Guide Checklist
HFCWO Prescription Form
Medicare Coverage Criteria
Answers To Your Patient’s Financial Questions
Clinician Brochure
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