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Protect surgical revenue.

Accelerate post-op recovery.


What could reducing post-op pulmonary complications mean for your patients—and your bottom line?

In less than a minute, this video highlights important information for you on post-op pulmonary complications published in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons (JACS). It provides proof that a pulmonary treatment—one provided by the Hillrom Volara System—significantly reduces those complications, as well as ICU and hospital length of stay.1

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1. Immediately after we receive your form, we’ll email you the clinical summary for the study published in JACS.

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2. Then, we’ll send you a short checklist to help inform a customized analysis for your facility.

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3. Finally, you’ll receive a no-cost, no-obligation Custom Revenue Recovery Report—which includes a burden summary and actionable insights to help your facility retain more revenue and enhance clinical outcomes.


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You know how important it is to reduce length of stay while delivering the best care possible—especially during a COVID surge, when capacity is critical. Now, learn how the Volara ™ System can help you achieve better bottom-line performance.

  1. Huynh TT, Liesching TN, Cereda M, Lei Y, Frazer MJ, Nahouraii MR, Diette GB, Efficacy of Oscillation and Lung Expansion in Reducing Postoperative Pulmonary Complication, Journal of the American College of Surgeons (2019).
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