Progressa Smart+ Bed
Promote easy breathing and early mobility with the Progressa Smart+ Hospital Bed. Featuring percussion vibrations and continuous rotation, this bed is a must-have.
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Progressa® Smart+ Bed

Empowering essential care teams to get the most critical patients back on their feet.


The world is changing and every day brings new challenges in the ICU. The one thing that hasn’t changed is your commitment to care. The Progressa® Smart+ bed is more than just a hospital bed- it is designed to help make everyday tasks in the ICU easier so you can spend more time with your most critical patients, helping them move towards recovery.



Let the Progressa ICU Smart+ bed help you make earlier mobility a priority in daily care to:


  • Help Patients Breathe Easier
  • Protect Patients’ Skin
  • Get Patients Up and Moving Sooner
An elderly male patient lies in a Progressa Bed with male clinician on his left tending to him


Help Patients Breathe Easier



The Progressa Smart+ Bed provides in-bed therapies to help reduce pulmonary complications caused by immobility.

Percussion & Vibration Therapy

Chest physiotherapy with in-bed percussion & vibration therapy helps loosen secretions in the lungs for easier removal. Caregivers can deliver this therapy in-bed with the touch of a few buttons

Continuous Lateral Rotation Therapy (CLRT)

The Progressa bed full body CLRT maintains body alignment for optimal pressure redistribution, resulting in a more comfortable, therapeutic experience and helps loosen secretions in the lungs for easier removal.

C-prone for Progressa Smart+ Bed

ICU Proning Accessory

Easily attaches to the Progressa ICU bed frame and provides uninhibited access to the patient’s face while the adjustable mirror offers caregivers added visibility. The accessory, exclusive to the Progressa bed, can help improve compliance with proning orders and protocols while managing the risk of complications associated with proning.


Protect Patients’ Skin



Combine Advanced Microclimate technology, incontinence management systems and StayInPlace technology to address the five factors of skin breakdown—pressure, shear, friction, heat and moisture—for optimal wound healing and skin protection.

Advanced Microclimate Technology

An integrated low air loss surface that helps reduce heat and moisture at the surface, keeping patients' skin cool and dry.

StayInPlace Technology

Keep patients in a better upright position and avoid sliding down in bed when raising the head of bed to help reduce strain on the caregiver and ensure optimal pressure redistribution and comfort for patients.


Get Patients Up and Moving Sooner



To support patients through early mobilization, the Progressa bed offers flexible frame options to move patients safely and easily.

FullChair® Position with Chair Egress

FullChair Position with Chair Egress

One-button FullChair positioning helps patients stand sooner by getting out of bed safely and comfortably, while reducing the risk of physical strain on the caregiver.

3-Mode Bed Exit

This integrated alarm alerts caregivers if patient movement is detected to help ensure patients are safe while in bed and can help prevent patient falls.

Technical Specifications

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Total length Foot Section Extended: 248.9 cm / Foot Section Retracted: 223.5 cm
Head Section Inclination (Maximum) Bed without Chair Egress: 67° / Bed with Chair Egress: 77°
Reverse Trendelenburg position (maximum) 18°
C-Arm Compatibility Yes


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