PROGRESSA Bed System (Rental Hospital Bed)
Bring the value of the HILLROM PROGRESSA rental ICU bed to your critical care team — helping you optimize your budget and resources without compromising on clinical quality.
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PROGRESSA Bed System (Rental Hospital Bed)

More than a bed — a therapeutic extension of your care team

The Hillrom Progressa Bed System is more than a standard ICU bed. It is a therapeutic device that acts as a seamless extension of your care team.

The critical care environment becomes more demanding and complex each year. That’s why we offer the Progressa Bed System as a hospital bed rental — supporting your evolving needs with a flexible and convenient financial model.



Dependable Hospital Bed Rentals — How and When You Need Them

When you need advanced technology to provide exceptional care for your exceptional cases, we deliver. With a rental ICU bed from Baxter, you can optimize your budget and resources without compromising on clinical quality.

  • Our extensive service network is more than 1,000 technicians strong
  • Our comprehensive rental delivery program includes flexible coverage options, online management and much more
  • 93% of our rental deliveries arrive prior to targeted response times

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A Baxter employee smiles while delivering a Progressa rental ICU bed

Experience the Power of a Specialized ICU Bed

Two clinicians prepare to help a patient stand with the Progressa bed in FullChair position.

Help Promote Early Mobility

Help get your patients moving earlier and often. The Progressa bed offers flexible frame options to help move patients in and out of the bed — including FullChair, side egress and chair egress positions. The bed also supports an Early Mobility Program that walks clinicians through five levels:

  1. Stabilize
  2. Sit
  3. Stand
  4. Step
  5. Strengthen & Sustain

Help Reduce Pulmonary Complications

Long periods of immobility are common in the ICU, making pulmonary complications top concerns.1,2 Together with its specialized surfaces, the Progressa bed helps address these common challenges with:

  • Continuous lateral rotation (CLRT)
  • Percussion & vibration (P&V)
  • Early mobility protocol support
An older male patient lies in a Progressa bed with a clinician tending to him.
A clinician examines the skin on a patient’s back in a Progressa rental hospital bed

Help Prevent Pressure Injuries

The Progressa bed supports an innovative line of surfaces to help you protect your patients’ skin integrity and help prevent pressure injuries.

Prevention Surface

Helps prevent and manage skin breakdown

Therapy Surface

Powered air surface helps prevent pressure injuries

Pulmonary Surface

Helps prevent ventilator-associated complications with CLRT and P&V therapies

Help Support Patient and Clinician Safety

The Progressa rental hospital bed is designed to help you address safety concerns for patients and clinicians alike.

  • A three-mode bed exit alarm alerts your caregivers when a patient may be exiting the bed
  • Head-of-bed angle alarm alerts caregivers to any protocol compliance concerns, so you can make timely interventions as needed
  • StayInPlace technology responds dynamically to a patient’s head-of-bed angle — helping prevent the patient from sliding down the bed and minimizing the need for repositioning
  • IntelliDrive powered transport allows a single caregiver to easily and safely transport the bed with precise stopping and turning controls
A clinician transports a patient in a Progressa bed down a hospital corridor

Technical Specifications

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Total length Foot Section Extended: 248.9 cm / Foot Section Retracted: 223.5 cm
Head Section Inclination (Maximum) Bed without Chair Egress: 67° / Bed with Chair Egress: 77°
Reverse Trendelenburg position (maximum) 18°
C-Arm Compatibility Yes


Education & Documentation

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Product Education

Progressa Bed In-Service Tools

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Product Documentation

  1. Krupp A, Ehlenbach W, King B. Factors nurses in the intensive care unit consider when making decisions about patient mobility. Am J Crit Care. 2015;24(800):474-479.
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