P500 Therapy Surface
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P500 Therapy Surface

Proven performance to prevent and treat pressure injuries in at-risk patients


When you’re helping patients recover, the last thing you need is a pressure injury working against you. The P500 Therapy Surface is designed to address shear, friction and pressure to help prevent and treat these common problems.

Plus, our patented Advanced Microclimate® technology wicks away heat and moisture, making your patients’ skin less susceptible to damage, and keeping them cool and dry.



Hillrom's P500 therapy surface provides demonstrated performance in preventing and treating pressure injuries in at-risk patients.1

  • Advanced MicroClimate® technology pushes airflow underneath the patient from one end of the surface to the other, helping remove heat and moisture
  • Anti-shear top cover is designed to help minimize shear and friction build-up—two contributing factors to pressure injury development
  • Unique air bladder in the dedicated heel section helps protect vulnerable heels from pressure injuries
  • Weight-based pressure redistribution optimizes immersion and envelopment based on the patient's weight, and automatically adjusts pressure in response to their position
  • Built-in features like turn assist, bed exit alarms and a head-of-bed indicator/alert are designed for both patient safety and caregiver efficiency
Cut-out view of a P500 surface, showing internal therapy components

In a study of 52 ICU patients, 0% of patients developed pressure injuries on the P500 surface.1

Technical Specifications

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Dimensions on Flat Deck 83" (2109 mm) x 35.5" (902 mm) x 8" (178 mm)
Dimensions on VersaCare® / TotalCare® bed 86.5" (2198 mm) x 35.5" (902 mm) x 8.5" (216 mm) (VersaCare) / 84" (2134 mm) x 35" (889 mm) x 8.5" (216 mm) (TotalCare)
Therapeutic Patient Weight 500 lb (227 kg)
Control Unit 13.74" (348.9 mm) x 15.3" (388.7 mm) x 8.6" (217.3 mm)

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Product Documentation

  1. Black J, Berke C, Urzendowski G. Pressure ulcer incidence and progression in critically ill subjects: influence of low air loss mattress versus a powered air pressure redistribution mattress. J Wound Ostomy Continence Nurs. 2012;39(3):1-7.