Orthopedic Extension Package for the TS7500 Operating Table #112121
Utilize this 20-piece Orthopedic Extension package from Hillrom for the TS7500 Operating Table to allow optimal positioning of your patient.
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Orthopedic Extension Package for the TS7500 Operating Table


Orthopedic Extension Accessories for the TS7500 Operating Table to ensure proper patient positioning.


Position orthopedic patients properly during procedures such as intramedullary nailing and hip pinning with accessories designed for the TS7500 Operating Table. The leg positioners, table extenders, clamps and other accessories help you modify the TS7500 Operating Table so orthopedic care teams are confident they have the right equipment for the specific procedure.

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Accessories included in this package:

Product Name Part Number Quantity
Extension Adapter 1574666 1
Transfer Leg Section 1876708 1
Transfer Leg Section Pad 1880219 1
Universal Support 1876707 1
Universal Support Pad 1880217 1
Angle Pad 1886332 1
Docking Trolley 1867129 1
Counter Traction Post 150 1612706 1
Radiolucent Counter Traction Post 1574731 1
Radiolucent Extension Joint Strut, Pair 1574735 1
Radiolucent Extension Strut Adapter 1593158 2
Spindle Traction Mechanism Adapter 1593159 2
Spindle Traction Mechanism 1881967 2
Traction Boot 1574733 2
Leg Holder, Adult 4544736 1
Radial Setting Clamp 1218804 3
Rail Extension Clamp 1218833 2
Side Rail Extension 4501001 1
Kirschner Bow Adapter 1218837 1
Fracture Draping System F-RDSTMS-A1 1