Neuro Non-Radiolucent OR Table Accessories #112116
During neuro surgery, use the Neuro Non-Radiolucent OR Accessory Package from to precisely position your patient's head on the operating table.
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Neuro Non-Radiolucent OR Table Accessories


Precise head positioning for patient safety during neurosurgery.


These table accessories safely and precisely secure the patient’s head in place during neurological procedures. Package components include various positioning options for enhanced security and stability. Having these choices gives surgical care teams the confidence of knowing that patients will remain physically stable during procedures such as craniotomy, DBS and biopsies.

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Accessories included in this package:

Head Positioning Adapter for neurosurgeries.

Head Positioning Adapter

Used for attaching head positioning accessories, the adapter affixes to the side rails.

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 5.1" x 24.4" x 6.3" (130 mm x 620 mm x 160 mm)
Basic Neuro Unit for head positioning

Basic Neuro Unit 

Used for attaching various head components during prone and supine positioning of the patient. Facilitates simultaneous locking of longitudinal and vertical positions.

Skull Clamp for neurosurgeries

Skull Clamp 

Attaches to the Skull Clamp Adapter for stable and precise three-point skull fixation with skull pins.

Skull Clamp Adapter for neurosurgeries

Skull Clamp Adapter

Serves as the connection between the Basic Unit Neuro and the desired skull clamp or headrest.

Horseshoe Headrest for Adults for neurosurgeries

Horseshoe Headrest, Adult  

Horseshoe-shaped headrest designed for prone or supine positioning for adult-sized patients. Features extension bar for skull traction and durable comfort gel pads.