The first wearable ventilator for around-the-clock use

The Life2000 Ventilation System adapts from stationary to wearable, with a compressor and ultra-lightweight, wearable ventilator. Continuous ventilation from day to night goes where you go.

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Open Ventilation Diagram showing components of mandatory and assisted breaths.

Open Ventilation Features

The Life2000 Ventilation System utilizes proportional open ventilation (POV®) technology to deliver mandatory and assisted breaths in Control, Assist/Control, or Assist ventilation modes. 

  • Optimal patient synchronization to match ventilatory demand and prevent breath stacking. 
  • Adjustable trigger sensitivity empowers patients to synchronize their breathing with the ventilator based on their own comfort, reducing patient calls and in-home clinician visits. 
  • Individualized to patient’s activity level with three clinician defined prescription settings that patients can select during rest, moderate activity, or exertion.



When John wants to take his dogs for a walk, he doesn’t need to change systems. He can go from a quiet afternoon at home to a day outside – making ventilation as easy as a walk in the park. Individualized to activity level with three patient-selectable prescription settings and adjustable trigger sensitivity.


"I love being able to go for walks outside again"





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