Bow Frame Prone OR Accessory Package for Surgical Tables #108185
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Bow® Frame Prone OR Accessory Package for Surgical Tables


Ensure better patient access during simple prone spine procedures.

This versatile, radiolucent patient positioning package is designed for use during prone spine surgical procedures. These accessories attach to the OR table, providing surgeons with better access to the patient’s spine while allowing the patient’s abdomen to hang free during procedures. The components are simple to set up and use.

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Accessories included in this package:

Bow Frame accessory

Bow Frame
1 included

The radiolucent Bow Frame creates the desired reverse lordosis needed to open the intervertebral spaces. It enables the patient’s abdomen to hang free during procedures and provides unrestricted C-arm access. The removable crank adjusts the amount of flex and tension in the patient supports which adjust laterally up to 7.5" (19 cm) to relieve pressure on the patient’s abdomen. Patient supports are adjustable to fit patients of various sizes. The frame is lightweight for easy setup and fits standard OR tables. A storage cart is included.

  • Patient Weight Capacity: 500 lb (227 kg)
  • Product Weight: 28 lb (12.7 kg)
Crank Arm accessory

Crank Arm

Used for less complex spine surgeries, this removable crank is used to adjust the amount of flex and tension in the radiolucent patient supports.

Bow Frame Storage Cart accessory

Bow Frame Cart
1 included

The Bow Frame Cart stores all the accessories used with the frame, including the head positioner and arm supports. The cart’s weighted base makes it tip-resistant and reduces potential vibration during transport. The polymer base is dent-resistant. Two heavy-duty casters roll smoothly and lock for safe and easy loading, unloading and storage.

Bow Frame Skin Care Covers Kit

Bow Frame Skin Care Covers Kit
6 sets/case

Comprised of moisture-absorbing foam and a low shear backing, these skin care covers provide a high-level of skin protection for patients. Also, they help protect the Bow Frame pads from fluids and contaminants. Each set includes a frame cover, rod support cover and body support covers.

Foam Head Block accessory

Foam Head Block
Case of 6

Used to support the head in prone procedures, the single-use head blocks are comprised of a supportive bottom foam layer and top layer of much softer foam that is designed to cradle the patient’s face. They can be used with the C-Flex® Head Positioning System, the Foam Block Stand, the Advance Table Head Plate or any flat surface.

Foam Head Block Stand accessory

Foam Head Block Stand

This accessory is used in collaboration with the Foam Head Block to support the patient’s head. This stand can be used on any flat surface rated to hold patient weight. The cutout and mirror allow anesthesiologists to view the eyes and airway during a procedure.

  • Patient Weight Capacity: 500 lb (227 kg)