Beach Chair OR Accessory Package for Surgical Tables #108180
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Beach Chair OR Accessory Package for Surgical Tables


Safely support patients in the beach chair position during shoulder procedures.

These package components help facilitate optimal access for surgeons while operating on patients in the beach chair position. The accessories keep patients safe, secure and comfortable during a variety of shoulder surgeries. They are lightweight and easy to install, providing improved efficiency and functionality during surgery.

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Accessories included in this package:

Lift Assist Beach Chair with model

Lift Assist® Beach Chair

The Lift-Assist Beach Chair is designed for orthopedic procedures using the Fowler’s or beach chair position. The lightweight chair attaches to the rails of standard OR tables, offers unobstructed access to the surgical site and has a low-cut backboard for maneuverability during total shoulder procedures.

The Spring Lock Quick Connect mechanism supports single person setup and removal, and rail clamp indicators display when the chair has been properly installed. A small rail clamp footprint frees up accessory rail space.

  • Weight Capacity: 500 lb (227 kg)
  • Rail Width: 20"- 26" (50.8 cm - 66 cm)
  • Product Weight: under 30 lb (13.6 kg) without the back support panels installed
Intubation Plate accessory

Intubation Plate

The intubation plate is added to intubation tubes to support patient transfer onto the beach chair or surgical table. The plate has handles on the side for easy attachment and removal.

Beach Chair Clamp accessory

Beach Chair Clamps
2 included

These clamps clip on the end of the OR table rails, which allows the beach chair to be dropped onto the clamps from a vertical position. The clamps have two visual indicators to ensure the beach chair is seated correctly.

Counter Traction Strap accessory with model

Counter Traction Strap

For use with the Lift-Assist Beach Chair, this strap provides support when the patient is in the Fowler’s position. The strap requires one Easy Lock® Socket.

Easy Lock® Socket accessory

Easy Lock® Socket
1 included

This clamp can be attached anywhere on a standard OR table rail so you don’t have to search for table notches. The clamp features a quick and easy pull-to-release lever and a lithotomy wheel for accessory angle adjustments.

  • Weight Capacity: 800 lb (363 kg)
  • Accepts any round post up to .6875" (1.8 cm)
Universal Head Positioner with model

Universal Head Positioner

This head positioner is ideal for use with most upper extremity procedures in the beach chair position. It is lightweight and easy to set up and use. The patient’s head and neck are comfortably secured with disposable straps comprised of wide, soft protective padding that minimizes pressure on the skin. Easily adjust the patient and then lock the desired position. A single knob releases all joints. Compatible with all Hillrom beach chairs.

  • Weight Capacity: 500 lb (227 kg)
  • Rail Width: 20"- 26" (50.8 cm - 66 cm)
  • Product Weight (without disposable): 3.4 lb (1.5 kg)
Universal Head Positioner Disposables

Universal Head Restraint Disposables
Case of 10

The Universal Head Restraint Disposables are designed for use with the Hillrom Universal Head Positioner and Hillrom beach chair during shoulder procedures, specifically in the Fowler’s position. The disposables support the patient’s head and jaw, helping align the neck in a natural position.

LPS Arm Support accessory with model

LPS Arm Support

This arm support provides comfortable and convenient placement of the non-operative arm. It also supports easy access to the patient IV and enhanced shoulder stabilization.

  • Weight Capacity: 500 lb (227 kg)