Allen Traction Boot #A-93005, #A-93000
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Allen® Traction Boot 

#A-93005, #A-93000


Active Heel Technology provides superb security to prevent foot slip.


Positioning the leg and foot properly during trauma and hip fracture cases is critical to a less stressful surgery and successful outcome. Many hospitals are still using the original boots that may be decades old and require copious amount of tape to help secure the foot. To mitigate these challenges, Allen has introduced the Allen Traction Boot with Active Heel Technology to help prevent foot slip while providing superb security.


The Allen design also allows for easy cleaning as compared to existing traction boots. With its modular design, you can upgrade your existing trauma tables to the latest technology that has benefits for the patient, surgeon and OR staff.


Active Heel technology utilizes two cushioning pads on the anterior and posterior portions of the leg to provide a secure grip on the entire ankle joint versus the competition which relies on a single point of fixation.


  • Active Heel Technology
  • Accommodates foot from sizes 5 (female) to 14 (male)
  • Universal: One boot fits left or right foot
  • Easily retrofits your existing Mizuho OSI, Steris®, Maquet®, Trumpf® and Schaerer® traction tables
  • Eliminate the need for excessive taping
Allen Traction Boot side view

Technical Specifications

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Patient Weight Capacity 500 lbs (227 kg)
CE marked Yes