Hug-U-Vac Steep Trend Positioner #A-60001 (ST), #A-60005 (LG)
Explore the Hug-U-Vac Steep Trend Positioner from Hillrom. This bean bag positioner is suitable for high incline surgical orientations, such as Trendelenburg.
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Hug-U-Vac Steep Trend Positioner 

#A-60001 (ST), #A-60005 (LG)

A new standard of care for steep Trendelenburg patient positioning.


The Hug-U-Vac Steep Trend Positioner is the new standard of care for bean bag positioners. This Trendelenburg positioning method is becoming more common, especially in robotic procedures. Setting up the patient ready for surgery is a quick and straight-forward process. Its unique pliable design enables it to conform to the patient’s entire supine anatomy to create a larger surface area to cradle the body firmly and securely in the steep Trendelenburg position. The Hug-U-Vac Positioners have integral quick-release straps that enable it to attach tightly to the rails of standard operating tables. The Large Hug-U-Vac Steep Trend Positioner has been to accommodate larger patients.


  • No continuous suction required
  • Enables secure positioning in robotic procedures
  • Designed for easy forearm access to IV lines
  • Integral straps secure to OR table rails
  • Valve location designed for quick access to anesthesia
  • Lightweight for easy transport, set-up, and storage
  • Durable vacuum valve with on/off switch and lock
  • Disposable slipcovers are waterproof for easy clean-up

Ideal for Use With:

  • Gynecology Procedures 
  • Urology Procedures
  • Robotic Surgical Procedures
  • Colorectal Procedures
  • Cholecystectomies
Allen Hug-U-Vac Large Steep Trend Positioner with disposable cover

Technical Specifications

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Patient Weight Capacity: 500 lbs (227 kg)
Standard Device Weight: 8 lbs (3.6 kg)
Standard Device Dimensions: 46" x 42" (116.8 cm x 106.7 cm)
Large Device Weight: 10 lbs (4.5 kg)
Large Device Dimensions 51" x 54" (129.5 cm x 137.1 cm)
CE Marked Yes