Advanced Arm Support #A-70615-US
The Advanced Arm Support from Hillrom supports safe patient arm positioning practice for prone and lateral positions.
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Advanced Arm Support 


Patients undergoing spinal surgery in the prone or lateral position have a high risk of developing peripheral nerve issues, pressure injuries, and more.¹ To minimize such risks, the care team has to focus on providing the right patient positioning options that still allow access to the surgery site.


At Hillrom, we offer advanced arm support for positioning patients in the prone and lateral positions during spine surgery. With a low profile and a fully adjustable body that accommodates a patient’s length, this arm brace supports comfort and safety.

Zeroing In On Patient Safety

The Hillrom advanced arm support helps to prevent pressure injuries. When there is too much pressure on the body, skin integrity can deteriorate, leading to the formation of ulcers. This operating room equipment offers the right degree of padding to help prevent the problem.

The arm support padding is important for the reduction of moisture and friction — two other causes of pressure injuries that can lead to longer hospital stays and serious complications.²

Stretching the ulnar nerve is another concern for patients undergoing spine surgery in the lateral or prone position.¹ The lower arm support helps maintain flexion under a 90-degree angle, keeping the arm in a neutral position. 

The prone and lateral position also put patients at risk of nerve compression against the medial epicondyle, but the adjustable arm support offers padding at the elbow to help avoid this issue.¹

Fully Adjustable and Versatile

The Hillrom arm support has a patient weight capacity of 500 lbs, allowing it to provide comfort and safety to patients of many sizes. Using it requires an integral clamp, allowing you to move the arm brace and adjust it as needed along the surgical table’s rail. With a low profile, this patient support equipment helps to reduce clutter in the operating room without sacrificing patient safety during spine surgery.


  • Prone arm support
  • Fully adjustable
  • Low profile
  • Integral clamp
  • Expandable arm platform to adjust length



Technical Specifications

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Patient Weight Capacity: 500 lbs (227 kg)