Allen Advance Table Pinless H-Bracket #A-71416
For patients undergoing complex surgery, H-brackets provide stability and safety. The Hillrom pinless H-bracket offers this and more.
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Allen Advance Table Pinless H-Bracket 


Patients undergoing spine surgery may need to be placed in a variety of complex positions that can result in injuries if any equipment issues arise.¹ Spine surgery can mean many adjustments throughout the surgery and the risk of a care team member pulling the wrong pin and allowing part of the surgical table to fall.


When you turn to pinless H-brackets, you can help your patients remain stable and safe throughout the procedure.² Hillrom offers H-brackets made for the Allen advance table, which accommodates patients of up to 600 lbs and works for prone and lateral positioning. 

Providing Stability and Convenience

The Hillrom pinless H-bracket functions like our option with pins but requires fewer steps. This Allen operating table accessory eliminates the need to use cross-pins to secure the patient support top to the Advance Allen medical spine table.

The metal H-bracket works for tables that measure 42.1’’ x 23.6’’, and it is backward compatible with Allen operating tables.

When adjusting the surface position of a patient during procedures on the Allen advance table, a concern is the care team pulling the wrong pins, leading to the collapse of the surface. These H-brackets help to prevent this from occurring.

Compatible With Allen Advance Tables

The H-bracket is fully compatible with the Allen operating tables, which can help care teams change patients between the supine and prone positions. Allen Advance tables combine the H-brackets with locking castors and a one-touch electronic braking system to increase stability during the procedure while simplifying the process of adjusting a patient.

Because the Allen medical spine tables have a patient weight capacity of 600 lbs, the combination of the H-brackets and other features helps to make the table appropriate for patients of many sizes.


  • Secure and controlled movement of the patient
  • Attachment of patient support tops to base without the use of cross pins
  • Backward compatible with all Allen Advance Tables*

Technical Specifications

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Tabletop Dimensions (L x W) 42.1" x 23.6" (107 cm x 60 cm)
Longitudinal Slide 15.7" (40 cm)
Adjustment Range of Leg Section Joints + 90° / - 105°
Adjustment Range of Back Section Joints Upper: + 90° / - 70° Lower: + 90° / - 55°