Remove ORI Complexity in Your Surgical Suite

OR Integration is Important in Surgical Environments

Image of a video screen in the OR.

Operating room technology is complex – using it can be simple. The Helion Integrated Surgical System may provide surgical teams with improved flexibility which can potentially save time and improve workflow efficiency.

In the world of surgical care, the days of arranging unconnected, cumbersome equipment in the OR are quickly shifting to a more streamlined and connected environment. As the future of surgery continues to evolve, OR integration is becoming more common – but that doesn’t mean it’s efficient or user-friendly.

What if you had access to an intuitive, innovative OR integration system that enables your care teams to focus on what’s most important, improving patient outcomes? 

Hillrom’s Recent Acquisition of Videomed

Recently, Hillrom acquired Videomed, a pioneer in OR integration, to bring Hillrom’s vision of Advancing Connected Care to the operating room. Videomed’s Truelink 4 OR Integration System revolutionized the flexibility and technical capabilities of OR integration. This technology has been rebranded as the Helion Integrated Surgical System, launching in the U.S. market in June 2021.

Singular Comprehensive Solution

Acting as the core of the OR, the intuitive and reliable Helion System allows care teams to focus on the patient and surgical procedure in front of them, not on the complexity of their technology. To help surgical teams navigate OR challenges, the Helion System provides comprehensive simplicity to advance connected care in three innovative ways that can impact your care environment right now.

Intra-operative Efficiency
Balance care teams’ patient safety priority with operational efficiency and throughput. Seamlessly manage the connections to all your equipment while maintaining focus on your patient and the surgery at hand through:

  • Rapid room setup
  • Analog to 4K capable – and 8K ready
  • Intuitive user controls

Enhanced Staff Communication and Focus
The Helion System is designed to give your care teams more visibility and control while caring for patients, enriching collaboration to keep you informed and help you avoid delays which:

  • Facilitates staff communication
  • Promotes team confidence

Total Customer Support
We’re here to help you with surgical solutions tailored to your clinical and technical needs so your surgical teams can perform at their best with:

  • System design and configurations
  • User training and support

Comprehensive simplicity starts with the right integrated surgical system. Click to learn more.