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Helux Pro: Meet the Leading Overhead Surgical Lighting System

Maintaining visibility while keeping patients safe during surgery can be challenging. Shadows, unclear deep cavity visualization, and overhead surgical light intensity can all pose additional risks to the patient and surgical team.

Fortunately, Helux Pro has been engineered with surgical patients in mind, aiming to provide the support and safety they deserve.


Enhancing Light Safety

Surgical overhead lights and other types of OR illumination pose unnecessary risks to the surgical patient and care team. High-intensity lights may cause thermal injury to the patient. They can also result in eye strain for the surgical team, causing headaches and possibly leading to photochemical eye damage.

To help combat these risks, the Helux Pro Surgical Light offers:

  • High-intensity indicators on the control panel and light head
  • Shadow management

The Helux Pro has been designed with safety in mind for both patients and care teams.

Meeting Safety Requirements

Overhead surgical light manufacturers not only have a responsibility to reduce high-intensity light exposure — they are also required to do so in order to reduce safety risks. To this end, the Helux Pro team has taken patient safety to the next level and has exceeded safety requirements with innovative, visual high-intensity indicators and other overhead surgical light features.

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