Respiratory Frequently Asked Questions


  • What can I expect during the billing process?


    Baxter will file claims as Advanced Respiratory, Inc. directly to Medicare, Medicaid, many insurance companies, and managed care plans. We may contact you for the following reasons:

    • To verify your insurance information and coverage of benefits
    • To collect medical need documentation from you and/or your physician to support your clinical need for your device/therapy for reimbursement qualification as defined by your insurance
    • To discuss supplies to support your device/therapy
    • To collect device meter/usage readings as required by many insurance companies.


    If you have questions, please contact our patient billing representatives at 844-732-2778 available from 8 AM to 5 PM CST Monday through Friday.

  • When will my insurance be billed?


    Claims will be submitted to your insurance company after we have received all required medical need documentation from your physician, you have been trained to use the device/therapy and you have signed all necessary paperwork.

  • What if my insurance requests more information or denies payment for my device?


    An Explanation of Benefits (EOB) will be provided to you by your insurance company once your claim has been processed. The EOB will outline what your insurance will pay and what your responsibility will be. If you need assistance determining why your insurance company denied your claim, please contact your insurance company directly for coverage details-phone number is typically on the back of your card. You can also contact our insurance billing representative/appeals department at 800-426-4224.

  • Will I receive a bill?


    If your insurance company indicates that you have a patient responsibility- deductible, co-insurance or any other out of pocket responsibility you will receive a bill. The amount shown on your bill is the amount not covered by your insurance and is your responsibility.

  • Why is there a monthly bill?


    Baxter processes patient billing statements on a monthly basis similar to other types of companies. There may be multiple dates of service that occur within the month and your statement will reflect patient responsibility for the month on one statement. If you need assistance, please contact your insurance company directly to understand how your claims may have been processed.

  • How do I pay my bill?


    Payment of your balance is due to Baxter upon receipt of your statement. The following methods are available:

    1. Online Payment via web portal: Click on “Pay My Bill” at the top of the page and follow the instructions.
    2. Call a patient billing representative at 844-732-2778 and provide us with credit/debit card by phone to pay your balance.
    3. Mail payment via check to: Advanced Respiratory INC PO BOX 776462 Chicago, IL 60677-6462
  • Can I enroll in Autopay for my account?


    Yes, we do have autopay features that are available, please call a patient billing representative at 844-732-2778 for more information or how to enroll.

  • My equipment requires supplies; will I be charged?


    Depending on your insurance coverage and the device/therapy you are receiving, supplies may be included in the coverage of the device/therapy billing OR may need to be billed separately. If your supplies need to be billed separately from the coverage of your device/therapy, we will outline that for you during your insurance verification discussions and will bill your insurance company accordingly. If you need supplies, contact our customer resupply specialist at 800-426-4224, [option 3].

  • What should I do if I still have concerns about the billing process or my financial responsibility?


    Please contact Baxter and speak with a patient billing representative at 844-732-2778.